WHY OPT FOR AN ONLINE PAYMENT ESTABLISHMENT? Online payment institutions are totally digital entities, only accessible via the internet. These structures provide payment services and stand out from traditional banks by their ease of access, the optimization of their services and their practicality. If you still doubt their effectiveness, here are some reasons that might change your mind.

Easy opening of a pro account

If you are a professional, you need an establishment that is reliable, convenient and secure to carry out your transactions. With a payment institution dedicated to professionals, opening an account is easy and the administrative formalities simplified. Your identity document, your Kbis extract, a recent proof of residence appear, among others, in the list of documents to be provided when you register. The account opening procedure can be carried out in a few minutes from your computer and at any time of the day (…or night, these services being accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day).

Speed in the execution of banking transactions

To meet a need for immediacy, several online payment establishments offer their users Instant Payment. This innovative service enables instant bank transfers. It only takes seconds for a payout to appear in the recipient’s account, which is a big plus in business. These transfers can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, like all the services offered.

Remember that the request to open an account as well as access to the services are made exclusively online. They take place via simple, practical and intuitive applications designed by these establishments which are compatible with all operating systems.

The diversity of services offered

Online payment institutions have completely revolutionized the world of banking with their unique service offerings. Thanks to an intelligent association between digital and banking techniques, they provide a wide range of services covering almost all the needs of a professional. By becoming a customer, you will be able to benefit from many services such as:

  • Collection by card, via a TPE or a remote connection;
  • The provision of an authorization number allowing you to debit your customers (ICS);
  • Automatic collection of unpaid debts, with optional automation of splitting;
  • Premium and Business cards that can be used worldwide;
  • Web Banking to set your spending limits, for example, and benefit from a wide range of tools for managing and monitoring your account.

Optimizing the management of your business

Banking services are becoming more and more simple and efficient thanks to these payment institutions. They avoid any loss of time for both professionals and individuals. Their platform entrusts you with an important part of the administration of your account, which gives you the latitude to carry out your operations directly and validate them from your laptop or smartphone. Managing your finances and your budget becomes easier. You yourself will measure the importance of this advantage, which will allow you to make effective decisions, to apply them when you deem it appropriate, to monitor the effects and results and to adapt them according to the evolution of your activity.