It is essential to call on a chartered accountant architect to find a quality partner. The profession of architect has indeed many specificities and among these accounting particularities. Depending on the tax system chosen but also the different stages of the career, an expert will be able to best respond to each problem with professionalism.

The different tax regimes and legal statuses of architects

At each stage of your career, the accountant can assist you and it starts with the choice of your tax regime itself depending on your mode of exercise.

If you have opted for a liberal exercise, you will be subject to income tax in the liberal or individual business category. It is the simplest choice. You also have the possibility of creating different structures: EIRL, EURL, SARL, SAS or even SASU.

As far as EIs are concerned, you can opt for the micro BNC system. For this, you must not be subject to VAT and have a turnover of less than 72,600 euros. Your statement will only cover your receipts. A fixed abatement of 34% may be implemented if you join an organization or an approved management center. Even if this plan seems interesting, it is important to know that social security contributions can be high. The architect is self-employed.

If you have opted for a form of company, the company will be subject to corporation tax (IS), BNC category. The tax rates are then fixed and two in number: the normal rate of 33.83% and a reduced rate of 15.225% if your turnover does not exceed €38,120. An annual flat-rate tax (IFA) will also be implemented for companies whose turnover is greater than 76,000 euros.

Another specificity of this profession is that it is subject to VAT. Indeed, he exercises an economic activity of “provision of services carried out by a taxable person acting as such” (General Tax Code). However, certain activities may be subject to a reduced rate: home improvement works, for example.

To find out more, you can consult the page of a chartered accountant for architects.

Be accompanied by a specialized accountant for the creation or takeover of an architectural firm

This job is time consuming. Entrusting your accounting can therefore be very useful. But you shouldn’t give this job to just anyone. The specificities of this profession require in-depth knowledge.

A specialized accountant will make time for you. Unlike a “generalist” professional, he will manage your overall management according to the rules of the art: recovery of expense reports, management of supplier invoices or customer invoices, entry of the various documents, monitoring of receipts, account of result, advice for choosing the best status and tax regime, etc.

It is thus the possibility of devoting oneself completely to an architectural project.

Entrusting its management to an expert in your field gives you the opportunity to work with a professional who knows your field and the services you offer. He will thus know immediately which activities are subject to reduced VAT, will be able to assist you in the context of a construction site abroad…

The advantages of outsourcing your accounting with a specialized firm for architects

Contacting an accountant for an external architect makes it possible to work better. Whether your structure is large or you are independent, think outsourcing will bring you many advantages.

Or first of all, you won’t have to pay someone permanently, even if you don’t have any construction sites in progress. If you are a freelancer, outsourcing is the solution most chosen by your colleagues. Why ? Simply because this professional will take care of all the essential tasks when you present a substantial turnover. If this is the case, it will be necessary to carry out regular calculations, balance sheets, determine the different rates according to the work carried out, compose the tax forms, etc.

Outsourcing means subcontracting its management. An independent eye will always be more interesting. He will analyze your “accounting” objectively.

You can entrust your management to an accounting firm on an ad hoc basis (just for the annual accounts, for example) or over the long term.

Another advantage of using an accountant for an architect for an EI: you will not have the increase when calculating your tax.

Houdard-AC is a recognized accounting firm, based in the heart of Paris. Independent or not, we take care of all of your accounting management. Our chartered accountant for architects can intervene even before your project to open your own firm materializes. We are at your side at every stage of your career and can thus simplify the administration in your field by providing you with real “accounting” professionals in the field of architecture.