WHICH BANK FOR AUTO-ENTREPRENEURS? Banks are now the best allies for better managing assets. If before, it was not mandatory for self-employed entrepreneurs to have a bank account, today this is no longer the case. It is clear that attempts at tax evasion have increased in number in recent years. And it is above all in order to avoid this that the government has made this step compulsory for those who have a small business, or those who want to get started. The different possibilities of banking establishment are not uncommon, fortunately. It remains to choose the right bank.

An online bank: an interesting option for self-employed entrepreneurs

One of the main blocks that make self-employed entrepreneurs hesitant about opening a business bank account is the high cost of account management fees. After all, if he has to manage another additional account, in addition to his current account, he will pay double, or even more, account management fees. And this is true with a traditional bank. In addition, the services are slow, if necessary, it will be necessary to make an appointment with a counselor, or other. This does not optimize the time of self-employed entrepreneurs at all. Fortunately, today there is a much more interesting alternative: online banks. These service providers are increasing in number on the web. Finding one is not difficult. We just advise you to orient yourself towards the bank whose reputation is nickel.

Online banks have the advantage of offering a fast and cheaper service compared to traditional banks. With the virtualization of procedures, you will already be free of file processing costs, and moreover, account management can also be zero. Another point to remember is the accessibility of the platform. You can manage your account in real-time, watch your balance, as well the various movements of the last few months. Everything will be done for free. If not, if you need advice, online assistance is available at any time, at the time that suits you best. So, even if you are still on a mission, you can still ask for help from online banking customer service.

But which online bank really matches your self-employed profile?

Be careful though, even if online banks are the most interesting options for those who have self-employed status, you still have to choose the right bank that matches your profile. Indeed, from one online bank to another, the conditions may vary. You should then study them well before leaning towards a particular establishment.

Do you have a fixed income?

Does your monthly income still reach €1,000 or more per month? You will then have the privilege of choosing between several online banks whose registration is free. An undeniable advantage that will allow you to save a few euros. Here are the best online banking alternatives for you who are in this category:

  • Boursorama: with its free classic visa card, and a delivery paid at 0.40%, this online bank is one of the best alternatives for self-employed entrepreneurs on a fixed income of 1000 € / month minimum.
  • ING Direct: If you want to open an account with ING Direct, you will need to pocket at least €1,200 per month. The advantage of ING Direct is its Gold MasterCard bank card, a high-end card.

Do you have a varied income?

Your monthly income is not stable. Sometimes you earn more, and sometimes you earn less? In this case, it is impossible for you to open accounts with the establishments mentioned above. But don’t panic, there are always other solutions for you online. You can then turn to banks at any time, which does not require any income condition.

At this bank, you can take advantage of a Mastercard bank card which will only cost you 27 euros per year. Please note that no overdraft is authorized on your account. You will have a RIB and you can use checks. Anytime is a completely virtual bank. The problem is that with each transaction (transfer, cash withdrawal, etc.), you will always have to pay small additional fees.

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