WHAT ARE THE PAYMENT SOLUTIONS WHEN YOU ARE IN A MOBILITY SITUATION. Queuing at a bank for your payments takes time. If you are on the move, you cannot opt for this solution. In this case, here are the payment methods that will be really useful to you.

The online pro account

A pro account is often created by a merchant with a financial institution or bank. With this account, banks allow you to accept card payments in your business. You can easily open your pro account online with your phone or computer.

  • to consult your account and your transactions without going to a bank,
  • send transfers and receive payments through virtual terminals, and be informed thanks to notifications.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, a sole proprietorship, or a limited liability company, you can freely open a business account online with myPOS. These accounts are indeed good payment solutions when you are on the move. This system allows you to have a free professional account that is multi-currency and allows you to have a dedicated IBAN and a VISA business card. This allows you to have instant access to funds from all channels and international bank transfers And this without the cost of a rental contract.

Payment gateways

A payment gateway is a software that allows a transaction to be carried out by communicating information about the latter. It allows individuals, retailers, or businesses to make payments by credit card. Transactions made through the payment gateway are completely secure.

Whether the two accounts are in different banks or currencies, payment is feasible. Every mobile app or website you use to make payments online uses one or more payment gateways. Apple pay, credit card, or Paypal are examples. Once the payment gateway has been chosen, the process of your payment is carried out in two stages: authorization and capture.

In addition, you have the possibility of canceling your transactions carried out by credit card within a maximum period of 24 hours. Be sure to always choose your currency. If the currency of the website is the euro then, pay in euro and not with another currency. Also avoid using currency converters, as websites often apply hidden additional fees when converting. Gateways remain fast payment solutions.

Payment terminals

The payment terminal also called a credit card reader is a mobile payment machine. The latter allows instantaneous transactions by credit card. Payment terminals are everywhere. Simply insert your card and enter your PIN to make electronic payments. The confidential code is essential for the validation of payments, moreover, the transactions are recorded. It is therefore impossible to lose or have your money stolen.

There are several ways to install your payment terminal:

  • by a telephone line, each payment is then considered a call. You can therefore use your telecom subscriber
  • with an ADSL subscription. You have the option of going through an internet subscription
  • and by subscription to a GPRS network for electronic payment terminals. It is an internet subscription via a 3G chip.

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