WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT SERVICES OFFERED BY AN ACCOUNTING AGENCY IN LYON? An accounting agency is an organization that brings together experts and professionals specializing in accounting. It intervenes in the interest of the companies that request it. Taking into account the importance and impact of accounting in their activities, companies use the agency or firm to benefit from various services. To get a better idea of what an accounting agency does, we suggest you take a look at their services. Read on to find out all about it.

Management of general and analytical accounting

The accounting agency brings together accountants, chartered accountants and assistants who act as guarantors to the company for accounting management. Within the agency, they ensure the proper maintenance of the accounts and record the various operations of the companies that use them.

One of the main services provided by the agency is therefore the management of general accounting. She is also responsible for analyzing accounts and monitoring flows relating to the company’s various transactions. It offers a cost accounting service for this purpose. Thus, a Lyon chartered accountant and his team will take care of your accounting.

Customer/supplier accounting management is also supported. It focuses on the various transactions of the company both inbound and outbound. It includes all the details so that a good strategy can be put in place for the good evolution of the company. These points form the basis for decision-making.

Preparation and presentation of annual accounts

As a company, you can specifically use an accounting agency for the presentation of your annual accounts. Here, the villeurbanne or Lyon accounting firm draws up the balance sheet of operations, carries out an audit of the accounts, analyzes the income statements as well as the annexed accounts.

Legal, tax and societal advice

Accounting expertise being here at the service of companies, professionals offer support to customers. As a result, the accounting agency offers consulting services. This advice covers different areas, namely: legal, tax and societal.

For the legal aspect, the agency gives its point of view on the drafting of the statutes, the takeover or the creation of companies, the keeping of the compulsory social registers. It offers solutions to the company and gives it leads in relation to the most suitable legal form for the company and many other tips.

With regard to the societal aspect, it serves as support and offers assistance for the drafting of important declarations, the establishment of worker contracts, the editing of sheets. It offers solutions for improving the administrative structure of the company.

As for the tax aspect, the accounting firm acts as a guide to give the company an idea of ​​the procedure to follow so that its tax situation is advantageous while being legal.

Beyond all this, the agency is also responsible for corporate auditing, payroll management and the portfolio of customer files.

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