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Want to start drawing comics? Here are some of the tools you need


Want to start drawing comics? Here are some of the tools you need

Comic drawing is a distinct creative genre that mixes illustration and storytelling. It is a medium that has won the hearts and minds of millions of readers worldwide. There are a few tools you’ll need to get started with comic drawing if you’re interested. Let’s take a look at some of the fundamentals of comic drawing and discuss the advantages of taking comic drawing classes.

  • Erasers and pencils

A set of high-quality pencils is an essential tool for comic artists. Pencils are necessary for sketching out concepts and laying down the framework for your comic panels. You should get a set of pencils with varied degrees of hardness, such as 2H, HB, and 2B. This will allow you to do light sketches as well as bold, dark lines as needed. You’ll also need a nice eraser in addition to pencils. A kneaded eraser is an excellent choice because it allows you to mould and shape it to your specifications. A standard eraser will also work, but make sure it leaves no smudges or stains on your paper.

  • Bristol Board & Paper

When it comes to paper, you have several possibilities. Regular sketch paper is fine for first sketches and rough draughts, but for the final product, switch to Bristol board. Bristol board is a strong, robust paper that will not bleed or smudge when inked or marked. Comic drawing classes will frequently address the many types of paper and assist you in determining which one is best for your project. They will also teach you correct page layout, panel composition, and other skills necessary for generating professional-quality comics.

  • Pens and Ink

It’s time to ink your comic panels after you’ve sketched them out. This phase will necessitate the use of pens or markers. Micron pens are popular among comic artists because they produce consistent lines and are available in a number of sizes. Brush pens are another choice to consider, particularly if you prefer a more natural, hand-drawn appearance. Comic drawing classes will frequently teach you different inking techniques as well as advice on selecting the best pens for your style and preferences.

  • Digital Tools

While traditional equipment like pencils and paper are necessary for comic drawing, many artists are also using digital tools to create their works. A drawing tablet, such as a Wacom or iPad Pro, can allow you to draw and ink straight on the screen. Digital tools can also help to speed up the production process and make edits and corrections easier. Many comic drawing classes now offer digital drawing training as well as advice on how to select the best tools and software for your needs.

Comic drawing is a difficult yet rewarding art genre that takes practise and perseverance. You may improve your skills and make aesthetically appealing and interesting comics by investing in the correct gear and taking comic drawing classes. 

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