THE STAGES OF CREATING AND CLOSING A BUSINESS. In France, we now only swear by the company. As flexible as the market, today’s business is characterized above all by the diversity of forms it takes.

From the idea to the business creation project

Any business begins first and foremost with an original idea. Before launching headlong into the
business creation too quickly, it is advisable to have your idea validated. First ask your friends, and your colleagues if you have any of your relatives. Their opinion as a consumer can be rich in remarks that you may not have thought of.

The stages of creating and closing a business therefore always begin with in-depth reflection and analysis. If the results are encouraging, then you can start designing a business plan.

Who can get into entrepreneurship?

Before even detailing the stages of the creation and closing of a business, let us first look at the profile of those who undertake in France. Unsurprisingly and unfortunately, it is clear that men remain largely in the majority in this area. One thinks in particular of the Guarantee Fund for the Women’s Initiative or of competitions and prizes reserved for women such as “The Entrepreneur’s Prize”.

However, their alternative vision can be innovative and serve the common interest as well as the individual.

Choosing the right legal status

Among the different stages in the creation and closing of a business, one of the most essential undoubtedly concerns the choice of legal form. Indeed, this essential choice will largely define the future characteristics of your company. It should therefore not be taken lightly. The formalities of creation and management, the flexibility of its evolution, or even the tax and social regimes of companies are largely dependent on this selection of statuses. Do not hesitate to seek support if you are not sure you understand the issues of your choice!

Proceeding with the creation of a company without knowing the consequences of status can indeed be detrimental to your project. Depending on the nature of your activity, liberal, commercial or artisanal, the importance of purchases in the process of wealth creation, or quite simply your objectives, this or that status may become more interesting in the short or medium term.

Start a business online

In general, except for self-employment, the stages of creating and closing a business require you to compile a complete file. It must include the company’s articles of association, the duly completed M0 form, a certificate of non-conviction from the director or manager as well as the certificate of publication of a legal announcement. To this, we must also add to the procedure the deposit of share capital in the bank.

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