THE EXPERT CABINET TO INVEST YOUR COMPANY’S EXCESS CASH. Holding a cash surplus at the end of the financial year necessarily raises the question of its investment. To invest your company’s excess cash, it is a good idea to hire a wealth management consulting firm specializing in this area. This is the case, for example, of Épargne Plurielle Enterprise.

Plurielle Entreprise savings firm

Created by Alexandre Juvé in 2015, the wealth management consulting firm Épargne Plurielle Enterprise has demonstrated its presence alongside business leaders, and to do so has offices in Lyon and Toulouse, in addition to their initial headquarters in Paris in the 10th century.

The performance of this specialized broker for companies, institutions, and associations is due to the perfect mastery, on the part of the firm’s employees, of a multi-vendor approach, in open architecture. They recommend a personalized approach, as close as possible to the particular situation of the company, in order to offer tailor-made cash investment solutions for companies.

The three current employees draw from their respective experiences and skills a range of strategies offering the firm great prospects for diversification:

  • Financial investments under discretionary management
  • Very sophisticated legal arrangements
  • Real estate strategies
  • “Terroir” investments.

The capitalization contract for a legal person

The flagship investment of Épargne Plurielle Entreprise. It is a savings product, quite similar to what conventional life insurance offers, but for a relatively short term.

The temporary usufruct of SCPI for Legal Person

This medium-term investment has a high return. It involves buying a temporary usufruct, for a predefined period, through a management company that takes care of everything. Profitability is generally quite immediate, as it is quarterly income, which ceases at the end of a contract.

The OPCI for Legal Person

A medium or long-term collective real estate investment (over twelve months), combining 60% real estate assets and 30/35% financial products, the rest is made up of at least 5% compulsory liquidities.

real estate crowdfunding

By financing short-term real estate transactions, you can claim high returns (over 10%), via crowdfunding platforms aimed at financing a promoter’s project.

The corporate term account

It is the most secure investment to invest safely, although its profitability is limited. Generally expected to last between 1 and 5 years, it can be more profitable beyond that. An early withdrawal can be penalizing. It is safe, easy to set up and predictable.

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