THE EXPATRIATION GUIDE TO DUBAI. Are you planning to move to Dubai? Whether for professional reasons or just for the desire to live in this fascinating city, several steps are essential. Dubai is open to expatriates and receives more and more arrivals every year. However, a move to the United Arab Emirates is brewing. Indeed, the language, culture, functioning, and laws of the country are very different from those of European countries. It is therefore important to have all the necessary information well before departure, even for a simple tourist trip to this superb destination. Find the answers to all your questions in this guide.

Requirements for living in Dubai

To settle in Dubai, it is important to meet certain conditions which vary according to your status. Indeed, they are different for an employee, a retiree, or an entrepreneur. Thus, if you want to live in Dubai, you must have either a work permit, or a financial situation that allows you to do so, accompanied by a retirement visa for example, or own a company in the free zone or mainland.

They will be able to guide you in your approach and will inform you about the up-to-date conditions to be able to live in Dubai.

Some of the crucial points to study before packing your bags include housing, work, cost of living, and schooling for children in Dubai. To have reliable answers to your questions, it is best to entrust your project to a specialist and consult the Dubai Embassy.

What type of company to create in Dubai?

Dubai continues to seduce entrepreneurs with its very impressive growth. Especially since the process of setting up a business in this country is fast and quite simple. To start, you need to define the type of business you plan to create. You have the choice between a free zone or a mainland company.

Before starting any procedure, it is necessary to determine the type of company suitable for your project. If the mainland company allows you to negotiate directly on the local market without any intermediary and also gives you the possibility of setting up your company anywhere in Dubai, the free-zone company offers several very interesting financial and tax advantages…

What are the differences between the types of companies?

There are many differences between these types of businesses.

Company ownership
For a mainland company, it is required that 51% of all shares be granted to the local sponsor in Dubai. The foreign investor only has the remaining 49% at most.

With a free-zone company, on the other hand, the foreign investor can hold all the shares of the company. The participation of a local sponsor is not compulsory.

The physical office
A mainland company must have an office of at least 13 m2. With a free-zone company, the investor can freely carry out his activities with or without premises.

In general, there are no restrictions to be eligible for the visa. However, for mainland companies, the number of visas issued depends on the total area of ​​the workspace. In other words, if an investor wishes to obtain more visas, then he must invest in larger premises or offices.

For ordinary free zones, the number of visas granted varies greatly, ranging from 1 to 6, depending on the jurisdiction of the company. The delivery of more visas, however, requires the rental of additional premises.

Before starting your business in Dubai, it is highly advisable to seek the help of an expert, regardless of the type of business you are planning to start. So you can enjoy a faster and smoother process, as well as the benefits of each company.

The choice of sponsor and the business project

Next, it is essential to find a local sponsor. The latter must be a UAE national, especially if it is a mainland company. This partner must hold at least 51% of the shares to be considered a local sponsor of your company. The sponsor must pay an annual fee, which is perfectly negotiable. When choosing this majority shareholder, it is recommended to establish a good basic relationship with him to avoid any complications later. This sponsor will allow you to benefit from numerous aids to best resolve any possible problem with the local authorities during your activity.

If you want to own a business exclusively for you, you must opt ​​for a free zone type business. To define the activity best suited to your projects, and to know the advantages and obligations attached to it, do not hesitate to call on the services of experts.

Location of premises and eligibility

Once the type of business has been chosen and the local sponsor found, you can then determine the location of your premises and offices. It is advisable to choose the most convenient and profitable location for your company based on your industry. For a free-zone business, for example, you must study the cost and distance criteria, so that they are perfectly suited to your products, your requirements, and your projected budget.

The next step is to confirm your visa eligibility. This is very important because it is only with the visa in your pocket that you and your employees will be able to settle and live in the United Arab Emirates. In general, all companies are authorized and eligible. However, the number of visas granted depends on several criteria. This can be the nature of the business, the size of the office or the category of the investor and its employees, etc.

The creation of companies, a major asset in Dubai

Company formation is the number one factor for expatriation in Dubai. This is explained by the absence of taxes whether on the place, on companies, or on income. One of the great assets of a company in Dubai is the possibility of taking advantage of a very attractive tax regime, which allows investors to trade with Asia, Europe, and Africa.

First, by choosing to set up your business in Dubai, you will benefit from a successful pro-business environment. Indeed, the great advantage of setting up in Dubai is the possibility of opening up professionally to the whole world. By creating your company in Dubai, you can also automatically obtain a resident visa.

Hours and working environment in Dubai

Dubai gives the image of a stimulating professional world, but no less challenging one. It is a cosmopolitan place where several languages ​​are spoken. Indeed, in this city, you will not fail to work with different expatriate communities, such as Iranians, Indians, Filipinos, etc.

Living and working there requires a strong ability to adapt as an expatriate. In Dubai, working hours are defined according to your field of activity. You should therefore adapt to this situation before moving to Dubai. To create your business, you can use professionals who know the local habits and customs.

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