THE BOURSORAMA BANQUE SPONSORSHIP OFFER: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. At Boursorama, any sponsor who successfully recommends the bank to his relatives and acquaintances is rewarded with a sum of money deposited in his account. In the event that one of the people invited by the sponsor to join the Bank responds favorably and decides to open an account, he automatically becomes a godchild and will also receive a bonus awarded by the bank. This guide gives you more details on sponsorship at Boursorama Banque.

How the Boursorama sponsorship offer works

The operation of the Boursorama Banque sponsorship offer is not at all complicated, the godson only needs to open an account with the Bank, then the godfather will earn 110 euros, while the godchild will receive 80 euros which will be deposited in their newly created account. It is also an offer in which everyone finds their account, it is very trendy and very appreciated by new customers.

This offer is all the more exciting, as the opening of an account is done at 0 euro, and moreover online. Becoming a sponsor is a fairly simple process, the only condition is to be a Boursorama Banque customer. You must have an account or certain products such as: savings account, mortgage, insurance product and more.

The conditions for the effectiveness of Boursorama sponsorship

As we have pointed out, sponsorship is subject to certain conditions. The conditions concern both the godfather and the godson.

The Godfather

The maximum number of referrals that a sponsor can hold monthly is 4. His legal capacity and his majority are essential. In other words, the sponsor must therefore hold at least one account, while taking into account the monthly ceiling of godchildren. Another thing, sponsorship does not concern customers who have only subscribed to the Welcome offer. If you have a joint account and none of you has had a Boursorama account in the past, then you are eligible for this offer.

The godson

Offer applies to new customers only. Thus, only a person who has never been a client of Boursorama Banque in the past can be a godson. The offer only concerns adults, who are legally capable and who are neither under guardianship nor under curatorship.

The Godfather

It’s good to be a sponsor, because you will always receive a higher amount than the sponsored one. A sponsor who sponsors about 10 godchildren will have up to 1100 euros in his account.

The godson

You’d better get closer to a relative of yours, or a relative at Boursorama in order to get the sponsorship code. However, if you do not find Boursorama customers with your relatives, do not panic, you will have no difficulty finding a sponsor on the internet.

In short, you have the possibility thanks to the sponsorship offer at Boursarama Banque, to earn money by being a sponsor or by becoming the godchild of a sponsor.

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