THE MUST-HAVE FOR WORKING IN THE FINANCIAL ENVIRONMENT. This certification is placed under the responsibility of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). It has been compulsory since July 2010 for anyone wishing to work in the provision of investment services (PSI). This certification has become essential for professionals working in the financial sector: any establishment that offers investment and credit services must ensure that its employees are certified.

What is the AMF certification for?

It is a validation of acquired knowledge that mainly concerns the customer relationship. It, therefore, aims to ensure good practices and guarantee the quality of customer relations in the banking and financial field. verifies the knowledge of all employees: managers, salespeople, managers, financial analysts, etc.

This certification makes it possible to establish a standard at European level and to increase the level of overall qualification in the field.

Who is concerned ?

As you have seen, anyone who wishes to work in the provision of investment services is concerned by this accreditation. In business and finance schools, students benefit from special preparation for the AMF exams which are often a condition for obtaining their diplomas.

Professionals who wish to integrate a PSI or who are in professional retraining are also concerned about the AMF certification.

Finally, for employees already in the post before July 2010 and who have not changed position, the so-called “grandfather” clause applies. The latter makes it possible not to be subject to the obligation to be certified. However, in the event of development or change of position, these professionals lose the benefit of the grandfather clause and must, in turn, take the exam.

How to get it?

The regulations of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers specify that there are two ways to obtain official certification:

  • The AMF exam: the exams are organized by certified organizations. The latter offers many solutions to prepare for the tests. The certification that results from passing the exams is valid in all PSIs, throughout life;
  • Internal validation: the AMF also offers ISPs the possibility of organizing the procedures for certifying their employees themselves. In this context, it is the banking or financial institution that is responsible for verifying the knowledge of the staff. This certification is valid only within the investment establishment in question.

What does the exam consist of?

Since January 2020, the tests have consisted of 2,331 questions divided into 12 themes. They also include a Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) of 115 questions.

  • Category A, which has 34 questions and focuses on basic knowledge,
  • Category C has 81 questions that relate to the general and financial culture of the candidate.

To pass the tests, you must obtain a correct answer rate of 80% in category A and C.

How to prepare well?

In order to put all the chances on your side, it is strongly advised to follow a training course with a specialized organization. This allows you to acquire a solid knowledge base and to be sure of obtaining certification the first time.

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