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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Racking With Wiremesh Decking


Racking with wiremesh decking is a type of storage system that is commonly used in warehouses, distribution centres, and other storage facilities. It consists of metal shelves, known as racking, that are topped with a wiremesh decking material. The wiremesh decking provides a platform for storing items and helps to keep them in place on the racking. The wiremesh decking is made from a grid of interconnected wire strands that are welded together. This is a popular choice for many warehouses and storage facilities due to its many benefits. However, like any storage solution, it also has its disadvantages. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of racking with wiremesh decking to help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Racking with Wiremesh Decking

  • Improved Safety: One of the biggest advantages of wiremesh decking is that it helps to prevent items from falling through the rack and onto people or equipment below. This improves the overall safety of the storage area and reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Increased Stability: Wiremesh decking provides added stability to the racking, helping to prevent items from shifting or tipping over. This is especially important in environments where heavy items are stored, as it reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Improved Ventilation: Wiremesh decking allows air to circulate more freely through the storage area, helping to keep stored items in better condition. This can be especially important for items that are sensitive to temperature and moisture changes.
  • Improved Visibility: Wiremesh decking allows light to pass through, making it easier to see the items stored on the racks and improving the overall visibility of the storage area.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Wiremesh decking is easier to clean than solid decking, making it a good choice for storage areas that require frequent cleaning.

Disadvantages of Racking with Wiremesh Decking

  • Cost: One of the biggest disadvantages of wiremesh decking is that it can be more expensive than solid decking. This can make it a less cost-effective solution for some storage applications.
  • Reduced Load Capacity: Wiremesh decking has a lower load capacity compared to solid decking. This means that it may not be suitable for environments where very heavy items are stored.
  • Reduced Privacy: Wiremesh decking allows light and air to pass through, but it also allows people to see into the storage area. This can reduce privacy and security for some users.
  • Reduced Protection: Wiremesh decking provides some protection from falling items, but it does not provide complete protection from the elements. This can make it less suitable for outdoor storage applications or for items that are sensitive to weather changes.

Where Can You Use Wiremesh Deck Racks?

  • Warehouses: Warehouses are one of the most common places where this type of racking is used. This type of storage solution is ideal for storing pallets of goods, boxes, and other items that need to be kept in a specific position for easy access and removal.
  • Distribution Centers: Distribution centres often use wiremesh decking to store goods that are waiting to be shipped to customers. 
  • Retail Stores: Retail stores can also use this type of racking to store items that are too large or heavy for traditional shelving. This type of storage solution can help to improve visibility and accessibility in the store, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Manufacturing facilities can use this type of racking to store raw materials, finished products, and supplies. 
  • Cold Storage Facilities: Cold storage facilities, such as refrigerated warehouses, can also use this type of racking. The wiremesh decking helps to improve ventilation in the storage area, which can help to keep stored items in better condition.

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