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Supporting Grieving Families: Understanding Funeral Package Options in Singapore


Supporting Grieving Families: Understanding Funeral Package Options in Singapore

Organizing a funeral can be extremely stressful during a family’s difficult and emotional time after losing a loved one. For the benefit of grieving families in Singapore during this trying time, there are a number of funeral package options available. Families can make decisions that fit their needs and budget by having a clear understanding of these options. Let’s take a look at the Singapore funeral package options and their corresponding advantages.

Traditional Funeral Package 

The traditional Singapore funeral package is a comprehensive package that includes every element of a funeral, from the casket transfer to the funeral home to the burial or cremation of the deceased. The following services are typically included in this bundle:

  • Dressing the dead and embalming them
  • Funeral vigil at the funeral home or at home
  • The provision of a casket or an urn
  • Procession of funeral rites 
  • Burial or cremation services
  • Catering services for food and drink

The traditional funeral package offers families a comprehensive funeral service that handles every detail of the funeral. The funeral home will handle all the details of this Singapore funeral package, giving families peace of mind while they concentrate on grieving and spending time with loved ones.

Buddhist Funeral Package

The custom of Buddhist funerals, which are based on Buddhist rituals and principles, is widespread in Singapore. The services included in the Buddhist funeral package are tailored specifically to Buddhist customs. Included in these services are:

  • Buddhist prayer services 
  • Buddhist monks to conduct rituals 
  • A Buddhist coffin 
  • Funeral rites for Buddhists
  • Services for interment or cremation

Families who practise Buddhism and want to pay respect to the deceased in line with their religion should choose the Buddhist funeral package.

Christian Funeral Package

The unique requirements of Christian families are taken into account when designing the Christian funeral package. This Singapore funeral package includes services that are in line with Christian principles and ideals, like:

  • A Christian coffin is made available
  • Christian prayer activities
  • Hymn singing and musical offerings
  • Funeral procession for Christians
  • Burial or cremation services

The Christian funeral package offers families a service in line with their beliefs and values, offering solace during a difficult period.

Non-Religious Funeral Package

Families who prefer a secular service devoid of any particular religious beliefs should choose the non-religious funeral package. Services like the following are included in this package:

  • Providing a nonreligious coffin or urn
  • Non- religious music and floral arrangements
  • Funeral procession without religious observance
  • Burial or cremation services 

Families who want a service that honours the life and beliefs of their loved one should choose the non-religious funeral package.

Funeral Package for Direct Cremation 

The direct cremation package is a straightforward offering that contains the essential cremation services. Families looking for a straightforward and cost-effective service should choose this package. Included in the direct cremation package are:

  • Transporting the casket to  the funeral home
  • Funeral services
  • Return of the family’s ashes

The direct cremation package offers families a cost-effective choice that covers all the necessary cremation services.

Customized Funeral Package

Numerous funeral homes offer personalized funeral packages that can be adjusted to the family’s unique needs and financial constraints. Funeral packages that are individually designed give families the freedom and affordability to choose the services they need. Funeral homes can work with families to design a service that honours the deceased’s life and beliefs while also meeting the needs of the family.

Reliable Funeral Packages From Perfect Funeral

Families in Singapore have access to a variety of services through Singapore funeral package options that can help them through a trying time. Families can make decisions that suit their needs and budget by having a thorough understanding of the options available. Funeral homes can work with families to plan a service that respects the deceased’s life and beliefs, while also providing them comfort and support. Perfect Funeral is a trusted funeral service provider in Singapore that  creates funeral services that are timely, reasonably priced, and conducted with dignity and professionalism. With our help and expert services, you can easily entrust every arrangement to our capable hands.

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