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STEPS TO BECOMING A SELF-ENTREPRENEUR AS A CRAFTSMAN. The status of auto-entrepreneur became what it is today in 2016 when the so-called Pinel law merged the two former statuses of auto-entrepreneur and micro-entrepreneur to form one.

Self-employment, the future of economic life

The current economy is torn by several concomitant dynamics. For many years now, the vision of paternalistic management has been receding to make room for more individual initiative. Even company employees have noted that their management has often changed its methods, aiming for more flexibility in hierarchical relationships. The idea is to meet the needs for autonomy and freedom of today’s citizens. And the status of auto-entrepreneur is also a manifestation of this desire for independence.

Indeed, with networks, smartphones, and permanent connections, the pace of life has generally accelerated. Thus, the economy had to reinvent itself to meet the demands of the digital age.

What are the advantages of micro-enterprise status?

In addition, micro-enterprise is also an excellent status for testing activity. Finally, many appreciate the status because it allows them to build up additional income. And in times of latent economic crisis, coupled with an endless health crisis, this bonus is good to take.

Why choose to become self-employed in the craft industry today?

Mass labor has been in sharp decline for several years now. This does not mean that it will disappear in the more or less long term, but only that the mentality of individuals is in full transformation. The pursuit of happiness by shaping the contours of one’s own individual freedom is one of the characteristics of our Western democratic societies. And nowadays, it is above all the idea of ​​work that is questioned. Self-employment, therefore, seems to be a status resulting from a generalized desire for autonomy. Because even if entrepreneurs often work more than employees, they have the choice of their constraints and that is priceless.

But why craft rather than another branch? This is especially the case in the digital world. For merchants, the status of the micro-enterprise is often only a springboard to launch an activity. But if the steps to become an entrepreneur as a craftsman interest so many individuals, it is surely because of the quest for meaning that occupies many of us.

The steps to becoming a self-employed artisan

To become an entrepreneur, the steps are simple. All you have to do is go to one of the dedicated portals, that of the URSSAF, the CFE or even one of the platforms that offer complete legal support to companies, to launch your activity. Unless you carry out a regulated activity or your personal or professional situation no longer requires documents, a simple copy of your identity card will suffice to create your microenterprise.

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