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Sound System Equipment that You Need to Consider for Your Social Event


Sound System Equipment that You Need to Consider for Your Social Event 

Having a large social event soon? Then it’s best to make sure that you’re going to have a sound system in Singapore in place. This is important whether you’re going to have a hundred guests or a thousand. With the said system in place, you can elevate the fun factor of your event and more. 

There are, however, a couple of sound system equipment elements that you need to consider if you want a social event that’s one for the books. Read on for details. 

Audio mixer

An audio mixer, also known to many as a soundboard, is an electronic console that processes, manipulates, and combines audio signals before routing them to speakers or wherever they need to go as part of any basic sound system configuration. It balances sound, manages feedback, and changes microphone volume levels, among others. 

While digital mixers have risen in popularity, many sound system in Singapore professionals prefer analog mixers with knobs, faders, and switches. Although analog systems are frequently less expensive to rent, their size might pose problems in small venues or on small stages. They’re also critical to select an audio mixer with enough channels to accommodate the number of microphones and other inputs at the event, such as computer audio.


The right speakers, like many other components of a sound system, are going to be influenced by the size of the venue and attendance, as well as whether the event is being hosted indoors or outdoors. 

This is where a qualified sound system in Singapore provider comes in handy. Their personnel are going to make recommendations to ensure that your sound system rental equipment are going to provide adequate audio clarity, transparency, and definition. They can also advise on whether a stage monitor system is required, which is a speaker or performer-facing loudspeaker designed to allow them to hear themselves and any audience queries.

Outboard processing gear

In general, most mixers include some built-in effects, additional outboard processing equipment can make a significant difference in terms of adding drama and flair to your sound. While not required for events with primary speakers, outboard processing equipment can make a difference at musical events by delivering the following:

  • Compressor: A compressor reduces the fluctuation between loud and soft sounds in an audio source.
  • Limiter: This controls peak levels in music to prevent speaker (and eardrum) blowout.
  • Reverb: This adds depth and texture to music by making it sound like it’s bouncing off surfaces.
  • Delay: This produces a recurring and fading echo, comparable to yelling into a canyon.

Power amplifiers 

A power amplifier boosts low-level signals from the mixer and sends them out through speakers. Here, power is measured in watts, and you’d want to make sure you have enough wattage to fill the space without sacrificing sound quality. The good news is that speakers for social events sometimes include a power amplifier.

Now that you know the necessary sound system equipment for your social event, you need to hire the right sound system in Singapore provider. This is essential if you want to achieve the following: 

  • Quality 

If you’re having a stage performance, it’s best to have quality audio equipment that are going to give performers a good impression on the audience. This is one of the reasons why many sound system providers make use of speakers, amplifiers, wireless microphones, and mixing consoles to ensure that all of their clients sound exceptional, to say the least.

  • Flexibility 

Have numerous acts that are going to be performed on different stages at your event? Don’t fuss. Many sound system providers offer audio, lighting, and staging equipment that can be customized if necessary. 

  • Reliability 

Imagine this: you’re giving an important speech in front of hundreds or thousands of people and all of a sudden, you encounter microphone failure. This can be a disaster in more ways than one. Such an incident won’t be a cause of concern if you have professional equipment that you can turn to. 

Summing up

With a professional sound system in Singapore company providing you access to the right equipment, you can have a one-of-a-kind social event that your guests are going to love and enjoy. In line with this, all you have to do is sitback, relax, and enjoy the event without worrying about anything.

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