Solving Waterproofing Problems in HDB Flats

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Solving Waterproofing Problems in HDB Flats

Waterproofing is one of the most crucial aspects of home maintenance, and it becomes even more critical in the case of HDB flats. With a majority of Singapore’s population residing in high-rise buildings, it is essential to ensure that the buildings’ structural integrity is not compromised due to water damage. That’s why hiring a professional waterproofing contractor in Singapore is crucial, and one of the techniques that they use is PU injection.

HDB flats are designed to be self-contained units, which means that there are numerous pipes, cables, and ducts running through the walls, floors, and ceilings. These structures require a waterproofing solution that is effective in sealing any gaps and preventing water from seeping through. The traditional method of waterproofing involved hacking and replacing the affected area, which was costly, time-consuming, and not very effective. That’s where PU injection comes in.

What is a PU injection

PU injection is a revolutionary technique that can be used to waterproof both old and new HDB flats. The process involves drilling holes into the affected area and injecting polyurethane foam into the gaps. The foam expands and fills the gaps, effectively sealing the area and preventing water from seeping through.

PU injections – A non-invasive procudure

One of the most significant benefits of using PU injection is that it is a non-intrusive method of waterproofing. It means that there is no need for extensive hacking, which can cause damage to the walls and ceilings. PU injection is also a quick and cost-effective method of waterproofing, which makes it an ideal solution for HDB flats.

Hiring a professional waterproofing contractor in Singapore is of the utmost importance when it comes to PU injection. The process requires specialised equipment, expertise, and experience to ensure that it is carried out correctly. Professional contractors will also assess the severity of the waterproofing problem and recommend the best course of action.

The procedure

Step one

The first step in PU injection is to identify the source of the water leakage. The waterproofing contractor will conduct a thorough inspection of the affected area to determine the extent of the damage. Once the source of the leak has been identified, the contractor will drill holes into the walls, floors, or ceilings at specific intervals.

Step two

The next step is to inject the polyurethane foam into the gaps. The foam is injected at high pressure, which causes it to expand and fill the gaps effectively. The foam then hardens and creates a waterproof barrier that prevents water from seeping through.

Step three

After the injection process is complete, the contractor will seal the holes and conduct a final inspection to ensure that the area is completely waterproof. PU injection is a long-term solution to waterproofing problems in HDB flats, and it can provide a reliable waterproofing solution for years to come.

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