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Sacred tourism – traveling with sacred or religious symbols


Sacred tourism – traveling with sacred or religious symbols

Sacred journeys have existed as long as man has lived. Spiritual houses, holy places, and religious ceremonies exist in all religions, and people have attended and moved, and still do today, to draw power. As I see it, sacred tourism can be done from two perspectives. Either because you are a believer yourself and want to partake of the sacred or because you rather want to experience what others think is sacred. I think there is a difference between visiting the Wailing Wall as a Jew or a Muslim and a non-believer – but regardless, it is sacral tourism if it requires a trip there. As visitors of sacred tourism, we should show respect to the faithful.

Tips on sacred tourism

When I think about it, there is an infinity of sacred tourism. Cathedrals, mosques, and temples. Jerusalem,
Santiago de Compostela and Mecca. Pilgrimages. Some Yoga Retreats. Cathinka Ingman has written about the Via Francigena pilgrimage and Sanna Rosell has written about Dracula’s castle in Romania, which are two examples of sacred tourism. Disadvantages Of Slum Tourism

Sami tourism – experiencing Sami culture

Sami tourism can be defined as tourism that is conducted under Sami management with Sami content. When taking part in Sami tourism, there are a few things to think about and check out. Who benefits from Sami tourism, is it the Sami themselves or some others? Is Sami tourism about disseminating knowledge or rather reinforcing negative images? Disadvantages Of Slum Tourism

Tips on Sami tourism

There are many places in both Sweden and other parts of Sapmi where Sami tourism can be visited or experienced. Nutti Sami Siida in Jukkasjärvi and Fatmomakke outside Vilhelmina are two examples.

Sports tourism – traveling to watch or perform sports and exercise

Sports tourism can include anything from a ski trip to the Alps, a football trip to England, or a golf trip to Portugal. It can involve playing sports or exercising during the trip or consuming sports.

Tips on sports tourism

This is not my strongest branch, but I have written posts about the Olympic Games and how they can be experienced when they are not in competitions. The blog Flying Dryden has written a bunch of posts about golf trips in Sweden and the world and Let’s Go Explore has written lots of posts about skiing.

Running tourism – experiencing and moving at the same time

To me, running tourism is a collective word for training and experiencing the destination at the same time. It can be a run early in the morning when everyday life starts, a jog along the beach or boardwalks or a city’s equivalent of electric light trails.

Tips on running tourism

I have written many posts on the topic of running tourism and even more on vagabond form.

Train tourism – Traveling by train

I would say that there is a narrow and broad definition of train tourism. By the broad one is means of travel that relies on trains as a means of transport. A narrower definition is journeys or experiences where the train itself is unique. The Orient Express is perhaps the most famous.

Tips on train tourism

The newspaper Vagabond has written several articles about train travel, eg about the world’s most beautiful train journeys. In my train category, you can find my tips on how to make it practical and smooth to travel by day and night trains and with small children.

Volunteer tourism – having the ambition to travel and at the same time do good

Combining travel with doing good is sometimes called volunteer travel or volunteer tourism. This means that a person “works for free”, ie is non-profit, within a business during or in connection with a trip. Around volunteer tourism, there is a multitude of different perspectives on how it both helps and destroys.

Tips on Volunteer Tourism

I think volunteer tourism is such a complicated issue that I don’t recommend concrete places or purposes to get involved in. Instead, I advise you to read a lot so that you are aware of both its pros and cons, but at the same time don’t let yourself be discouraged if you want to contribute to something good. Read more about the ins and outs of volunteer tourism here.

If you come up with more forms of tourism or have other thoughts about what tourism is – let me know!

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