3 tips for choosing the right brand name for a startup in the tech world

When you hear Windows, Apple, and Sony you always know who they are. This is normal since all these companies have an undeniable reputation in their various fields. This success is certainly due to the quality of the products and services they offer, but also to the good choice they have made for their brand name. Indeed, even if you offer quality products or services, when you do not have a catchy name, your success will be limited. This is even more noticeable when you are in the world of technology. Discover in this article some tips for choosing a brand name for a startup in this field.

Focus on originality

You may have heard of the story of “Louis Vui today”, the name of a South Korean fried chicken restaurant. He was ordered to pay compensation to Louis Vuitton for misusing the image of the prestigious luxury brand.

Indeed, this name was the result of a play on words. You have “tong dak” to designate “chicken” in Korean. Added to this is a logo very close to that of Louis Vuitton, which earned it this sanction. But in addition to the sanction, the restaurant was forced to change its name.

This anecdote enlightens you on one thing: not opting for an original brand name can have serious consequences, both financially and in terms of image. And this is a rule that also applies in the tech world. Copying the name of a company that already exists, or drawing heavily on it, should be avoided.

This act will not only be perceived as a questionable maneuver but also as a cruel lack of imagination and originality. Which, without a doubt, will have repercussions on your business and its image. And this, even if the name of the company you are copying does not evolve in the same sector as that of technology. So, be original or simply entrust this task to a specialized agency like Enekia.

By preferring to choose a brand name with enekia.com, you are sure to make a good choice. Indeed, this agency is one of the references in terms of naming. It supports small and large companies to solve their brand name search problems, but also for several other important additional services.

Focus on specificity

You surely have the ambition to dominate the world one day. Which naturally leads you to be attracted by a name made up of generic terms like “ global ” or “ enterprise ”. But what you must not forget is that your target customers are first and foremost looking for specialized companies that perform well in their niche. It may therefore be reluctant to these types of keywords, which are very abstract and general.

Instead, keep in mind that it is always possible to change your brand name when your company has achieved a certain notoriety and has become internationalized.

Companies that change their name to conquer new markets, you will find a whole range of them. This is the case of the giant Facebook, which is now Meta, but which still keeps its customers. Another example is the freelance platform Upwork, which was renamed Malt in 2017.

Focus on simplicity

If you are looking for a name that completely reflects your personality, you risk falling into sophistication and complexity. Which might not make it easy for you. Instead, bet on something simple, easy to spell, pronounce, and especially memorize. Take the case of those big names mentioned above, that everyone has in mind. This is also the case for:

  • Uber
  • Fnac 
  • HP etc

Their common point is that they are short and easy to remember. Before making your choice, you must therefore ask yourself if your target customers will be able to memorize the name of your company on the first try. If the answer is no, tell yourself that you have not yet found your ideal business name.
In short, if you are in the technology field, to find a brand name for your startup, you must bet on several elements. These include originality, specialty, and simplicity.

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