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RECRUIT A GOOD SALESMAN FOR YOUR STORE. Faced with the rise of e-commerce, physical stores can still stand out thanks to human contact with customers. Unlike a product sheet, the seller can answer direct questions from the customer, advise him and convince him to make a purchase. But how do you find a good seller?

What is the role of a store clerk?

The salesperson is the main point of contact for customers in your store. For this, he must know in detail all the products on sale: their reference, their characteristics, their price, their instructions/use, but not only! A good salesperson will know how to be the voice of the brand, that is to say, embody its values ​​in his ways of working: how he welcomes and advises the customer, how he presents the product and its advantages for the customer.

Nevertheless, it is not always easy to detect the right profile. Depending on your needs, you can also call on interim salespeople who have the qualifications required for the position in order to get your business off the ground.

Why recruit an interim sales professional?

An interim sales professional has more advantages than a traditional salesperson. He must be competent in all sectors because he meets most of the time strict and urgent needs.

This solution has many advantages:

  • Recruit a qualified and professionally trained profile, because a temp agency has a large database, with carefully studied profiles and rigorous training.
  • Quickly find a salesperson without a long administrative process related to the recruitment and integration of the new recruit within the team.

What are the characteristics of a good salesperson?

First, a good salesperson is one who knows and loves your business. A best-seller in fashion cannot necessarily be a good seller in hardware. There is a whole culture to develop. If the interim sales agent is very interested in your store, he must already know your products, your sales forces, and possibly your blockages in order to be able to fix them.

Know-how is also an important point to make a good impression on customers.

The last criterion and not the least is the temperament of the seller. Initiative and perseverance are the watchwords that will allow him to meet all the challenges in this sector.

The force of initiative allows him to take the lead, test, and apply new solutions/techniques with complete vigilance.

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