How to make your products visible on Amazon?

How to make your products visible on Amazon? Long gone are the days when Amazon was just a simple online bookstore. Today, and after a good twenty years of existence, this marketplace has become the favorite of the French. And for good reason, the e-commerce site attracts more than 29 million French visitors per month. This success does not stop on French territory, because it is also a powerful e-commerce platform in the four corners of the world: with its 178 billion dollars in turnover and its $3 billion profit. Amazon succeeds in attracting both buyers and sellers. But before taking your first steps on this No. 1 platform, here are the keys that will ensure the success and visibility of your products.

Understanding Amazon’s Algorithm

Like Google, Amazon has developed its own algorithm to rank its results: the A9 algorithm. According to Amazon, consumers must be able to find products before buying them. Research is an effective means. To do this, consumers must type in keywords. Depending on the percentage of keywords used, the price, the availability of the product as well as the sales history, the product will appear in the search results. As a seller, it is possible to improve visibility to increase sales and turnover.

The title

As with the Google algorithm, the Amazon algorithm gives a special place to the title of your product sheet. However, the terms are not the same. The first big difference: your Amazon product title may be longer than the Google optimized article title. Instead of being limited to 60 characters, the limit goes beyond 200 characters. This gives a greater range of possibilities, i.e. the possibility of including all the information that consumers need to know about the said product (without falling into excessive “stuffing”):

  • The product name
  • The brand
  • The main features of the product
  • The colour
  • The dimensions
  • The packaging

A short description of the characteristics

The short description, presented in the form of a bulleted list, is not more impactful than the title but is not undeniable to improve the conversion rate. Its role: is to highlight the benefits and characteristics of the product and convince. It is important to understand that it is the conversion rate that is one of the main factors considered by Amazon to rank the best offers. To increase your chances, be sure to mention:

  • Accessories or additional items
  • Product warranties
  • Benefits
  • Keywords not found in the title

Amazon’s long description

Generally, the long description is less visible than the short description (since it is a little lower on the product page). However, it deserves maximum attention from you to improve the optimization. All Amazon experts take the time to write it well. It is essential to add a call to action to convince the visitor to make a purchase. The long description is limited to 2000 characters, which makes it possible to write a text containing all the arguments necessary to convince a person to make the purchase.

Keywords on Amazon

By going through the Amazon sales platform, inserting keywords is easier. Indeed, for each product page, the seller will have to fill in 5 keyword fields intended solely for SEO (buyers will therefore not be able to see them). All keyword fields are limited to 50 characters. And for each of them, it is necessary to inform in addition to the main keyword, synonyms.


Images do not directly improve the positioning of your products, thanks to Amazon’s algorithm, but they are mandatory for your product to be accepted by the site. In addition, once named they allow to appear in Google Image. Also, it is necessary to respect some rules imposed by the platform:

  • Show the product clearly
  • Respect the minimum dimensions which are 1000 x 1000 px
  • Take photos on a white background

The low price

The price remains an essential criterion to improve its ranking in the search results. This information directly affects the conversion rate. And for good reason, a product that costs even €10 less than other equivalent products can be sure to outsell its competitors. It will therefore be better referenced and will automatically appear on the first pages of search results.

Amazon customer reviews

According to figures, 88% of consumers rely on consumer reviews to decide whether or not to put a product in their cart. These reviews allow Amazon to also judge the quality of your product. Find a way to encourage happy customers to leave a few reviews and a rating.

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