Wage portage combines the advantages of self-employed and employee status. In other words, the self-employed person can exercise his profession in complete freedom and benefit from the advantages of a company employee. However, risks are to be expected to better benefit from the status of the carried employee. Discover the risks encountered by consultants who opt for this specific status.

The decline of the wage portage company for a financial risk

By opting for wage portage, you have to think about protecting yourself from financial risks. A law requires the ability to ensure the payment of wages in the event of failure of an umbrella company. Indeed, it is the guarantee of salary payments. In fact, it is insurance to take out to cover the risks of wage portage.

This system protects the consultant against financial risk. In addition, this insurance allows the consultant to carry out his work with serenity. Indeed, the latter will not have to face the questioning of the viability of the activity.

You must contact a company with a financial guarantee certificate. Thus, the ported consultant will still be able to receive his salary, despite the financial problems of the portage company.

The contract between the umbrella company and the worn consultant

In April 2015, a legal order was established to govern wage portage. This order contains all the important conditions concerning the portage. In addition, it also stipulates the rules governing the three actors.

From a legal point of view, wage portage encounters possible risks at the level of the employment contract. This contract must clearly specify the clauses and be understood by the parties concerned. In its general appearance, it is similar to an ordinary employment contract. However, it still contains some peculiarities.

To prevent legal risks, mandatory clauses should be drafted. First, it must be made clear that this is an employment contract for an indefinite or fixed-term wage portage. Then, the specific clauses concerning the collaboration between the two parties must also be specified. The information may relate to the data related to the term, the calculation of the salary, etc.

Therefore, the good drafting of this contract allows the legal guarantee for the consultant brought in the absence of problems.

The mission contract of the consultant carried

Regarding this second contract, he talks about the mission to be carried out with the client company. So, the essentials of the terms of execution must be well stipulated in it. In addition, some specific mentions are also to be included. This will start with all information about the client company and its contact details. Also, the responsibilities of the latter concerning the methods of execution of the work must also be included. The subscription to civil liability insurance must also appear there.

The calculation of the price of the service is based on a fixed price or on a daily basis. Moreover, the work to be done may be occasional. In addition, the payment period is also very important information.

The risk of no missions to be carried out

It is true that wage portage allows a self-employed worker to benefit from employee status. In addition, there are contracts binding the wage portage actors. However, the porting company does not provide the missions to the carried employee. The latter is in charge of finding the missions and setting these rates. The umbrella company is only responsible for accompanying him and managing the administrative tasks. Therefore, the consultant manages the search for missions independently.

Indeed, there will be periods without missions. Then, the carried employee will not receive a salary. As a freelancer, he will have to find clients regularly to achieve turnover and collect his salary.

The risk of calculating the management rate made by the umbrella company

Autoentrepreneurs do not all have experience in calculating management fees. On the other hand, it is an important element to consider when choosing the carrier company. However, it is also necessary to take into account the additional costs apart from the management rate.

Umbrella companies offer many forms of management support. Indeed, it will depend on your requirements and your needs. On the other hand, the cheapest offer is not always the best suited. You must carefully check all the expenses covered, including the salary advance. If the support is not complete enough, you will have to pay additional costs. So, you have to consider the costs as well as your benefits before opting for a formula.

The risk of a salary not corresponding to expectations

In calculating the salary, all charges must be considered. This will avoid that the final salary does not correspond to that initially planned.

You must deduct the costs related to the management made by the portage company. In addition, the payment of social contributions is also included in the calculation as well as professional expenses. It should be noted that the contributions of a supported employee are often higher compared to those of a self-employed person.

Regarding these costs, it is quite possible to charge them to customers. Also, they can be included in the contract. In addition, the consultant can request the payment of costs from the portage company.

These costs are to be deducted from the turnover. In fact, social charges and taxes do not impact the calculation of these costs. Thus, you will have an overview of the final salary.

To conclude, wage portage offers many advantages for a self-employed worker, including security in all respects. However, this choice is not without risk. It is important to take into consideration the possible risks in order to take full advantage of the status of the carried employee.

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