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NEW CARS: FOCUS ON ON-BOARD TECHNOLOGY IN NEW MODELS.The evolution of technology has brought many advances in all areas of our lives. The auto industry is proof of that. In recent years, vehicle brands have outdone themselves.

Indeed, the search for new functionalities is at the heart of this industry which continues to chain innovations. The goal is to create added value in order to be more competitive with competitors and to anticipate user needs. From now on, on-board systems are very present in modern vehicles. They act transversally on the 3 axes of the future of the automobile, in particular the connected car, the electric car and the automated car.

The car agent, the solution to afford a latest generation vehicle

To get a new car equipped with the latest technological innovations without paying the high price, the most suitable solution is to contact a car agent. Why ? Because unlike a dealer who has no choice but to offer the price indicated by the manufacturer, the agent can offer much more attractive prices.

For example, you can buy a new car equipped with embedded systems from an agent and benefit from more than 30% reduction. Some brands even offer discounts of up to 50%. Thus, buying a new car from an agent means benefiting from greatly reduced prices. In addition, an auto agent occasionally offers new car clearance offers that allow you to find the vehicle of your dreams while saving money. In other words, the auto agent is the ideal option to buy at a reduced price while having the latest options.

The auto agent also presents himself as an advisor attentive to your needs. The fact of being totally independent allows him to be free in the choice of the products he offers and to fully satisfy your requirements. In addition to offering you cars with innovative features, an auto agent will also facilitate various automotive transactions.

Embedded systems and automotive

Modern vehicles on the market include many innovations in terms of electronics and computing. Indeed, the latest generation models include more than a million lines of code, around fifty computers and more than a hundred sensors. This is explained by the demand which is becoming more and more demanding.

For road safety

New automotive technologies now meet more specific needs. They play an important role in the prevention of road accidents. Airbag and ABS systems are among them. These are fruits of embedded technology. To date, the systems put in place are no longer limited to prevention. Today there are features such as warning of dangers on the road, lane change assistance, automatic braking or even night driving assistance. The ultimate goal of this kind of system is to be able to develop completely autonomous cars.

  • the anti-lock braking system: prevents the wheels from locking during emergency braking,
  • emergency braking assistance: this type of feature will help you brake more effectively,
  • the electronic stability program: to avoid excessive skidding. It also reduces the risk of loss of control. It acts mainly on the braking system of the wheels,
  • the tire pressure monitoring system: thanks to this system, the driver will receive a signal when the tires are low on pressure and that it is time to inflate them.

Always-on connectivity

New on-board technologies also offer great connectivity possibilities. Examples include GPS navigation systems, virtual road maps, guidance devices, etc. The reversing camera and on-board computer are also widely used features from on-board systems.

From now on, it is easier to obtain information on the performance of your vehicle: energy consumption, etc. Today, you can benefit from car radio connected to the internet. It is also possible to connect the telephone and the vehicle.

Technology embedded in a vehicle: emergency devices

Thanks to the functionalities offered by the on-board technology, the prevention of emergencies is much more optimized.

  • e-call emergency call: thanks to a latest-generation connectivity system, an emergency call is sent directly to the assistance service when the airbags have been triggered,
  • the involuntary line crossing alert: automatically detects the crossing of a white line when no indicator has been triggered. Vibrations are then emitted from the seat and the steering wheel,
  • the relaxation alert: recent cars are equipped with a sensor that is able to detect a sudden deviation from the trajectory when you are driving on the highway. This type of action is interpreted as drowsiness, which triggers vibrations in the steering wheel.

To assist motorists on the road, mobile applications connected to recent vehicles have been developed. These may be apps specially developed for prevention. For example, some mobile apps tell you which speed limits to follow. Thanks to this type of innovation, you will also be able to obtain relevant information on road sections: proximity to a motorway, points of interest, etc.

Latest generation vehicle: facial recognition

This kind of functionality also results from the on-board technology. Moreover, many car companies have embarked on the integration of such a feature. Some devices, for example, make it possible to detect risky behavior that can endanger the driver, in particular drowsiness. It is also possible to detect the different emotions of the driver. The most modern cars can even provide you with very precise data on your health, to name only the pulse, the amount of oxygen in the blood, etc.

What about insurance?

Of course, the presence of this kind of technological innovation has direct impacts on the price of the latest cars. Indeed, the research and development of embedded systems require the deployment of considerable resources (technical skills, state-of-the-art equipment, raw materials, etc.). As a result, the value of a vehicle with a well-developed on-board system will be much greater than a classic model.

Late-model vehicles may also require hard-to-find parts and specific skills for maintenance. This can significantly increase the cost of repairs in the event of a breakdown. For all these reasons, the price of insurance can also soar.

Another good reason to consider replacing your old car with a newer, state-of-the-art model. Although all the options and features of the latest models may impress and cause apprehension for some, they are necessary to increase driving comfort and of course to ensure increased safety.

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