Use web micro-influencers to gain visibility

The trick is this: micro-influencers, the new buzzword! Because young people today are always connected on their mobile phones to follow everything that is happening on the Internet. They even sometimes get 4G GSM boosters to have the connection everywhere. So what are the benefits for a brand?

Here is why it is necessary to use the micro-influencers of the web to have visibility:

Web micro-influencers have a highly engaged and loyal audience

Influencer marketing shouldn’t be about catching the eye; it should be about accepting worrying eyeballs. Celebrities may be incredibly popular and what they share may be catchy, but they’re still missing that secret ingredient that makes for success: the personal touch.

In a recent study of over 800,000 Instagram accounts with over 1,000 followers. Markley analyzed the comparison between an audience of engaged micro-influencers and macro-influencers.

Here’s what they found: the larger the follower base grows, the less engaged the audience. The same goes for comments and engagement.

Therefore, reaching out to influencers with millions of users and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars can actually be equivalent to reaching out to lesser-known influencers who will give you more for your money.

Also, micro-influencers have a more personal level of engagement with their audiences, and that personal touch is what makes most people trust their promotions. In the end, the best ads don’t look like ads, remember? Promotions are everywhere. Even when leaving the house, we make sure of the 4G repeater and we do not stop surfing the Internet and “eat” thousands of promotions a day.

Micro-influencers focus on a certain niche

Micro-influencers can also help you target a very specific audience with your promotions. Thinking wide is good for many, but if you’re targeting, say, singles in their early thirties who are interested in sports cars, you can think narrowly and get involved in influencer marketing. that caters to your specific niche.

Micro-influencers ensure an excellent return on investment

Getting visibility influence marketing is currently one of the most cost-effective means of promotion. A recent study by the Sway Group found that marketers who set up an influencer marketing campaign earned approximately $6.85 in media value for every dollar spent.

Your brand can afford to turn to micro-influencers

Your brand doesn’t really need a brand to break the bank to receive just one tweet or message from a macro influencer. Given micro-influencers engagement, targeted nature, and growing trust, you can use your money more wisely. Not bad at all, is it?

It all boils down to this: you can love it or leave it, but you better not. Influencer marketing has the potential to help your business get the visibility it deserves. And if you’re not already using it, your competitors probably are.

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