Which status should you choose to launch your e-commerce site?

Launch your e-commerce site requires choosing the legal status of your e-commerce business beforehand. It is a strategic, multi-criteria, and multi-impact choice.
Before even thinking about commercial referencing (assortment of an e-shop) or SEO referencing (positioning on the SERPs), we must think about its legal status.

How to choose the right form of company to launch an e-commerce site?

The use of service providers specialized in business creation is strongly recommended for an e-commerce business.

The micro-enterprise scheme to start an e-commerce site

  • The self-employed tax and social regime are ideal for testing an online sales project
  • clearance is simple
  • a very encouraging tax system: choosing the right status to launch e-commerce is also a matter of tax optimization.

The micro-enterprise regime imposes turnover ceilings and does not authorize association. Thus, if your business plan provides for sales exceeding 170,000 euros in the first year and/or the presence of partners or employees, it is better to choose a commercial form to launch your e-commerce site.

A commercial company for the launch of its e-commerce site

The legislator has provided several forms of company suitable for launching an online business. We invite you to read in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each legal status. In this focus on what form of company to start e-commerce, we will however highlight the points that seem essential to us for each type of status.

A classic sole proprietorship to start an e-commerce site

A classic EI frees you from the sales ceiling imposed by the micro-enterprise; you can also hire staff.
The main disadvantage of this status is that you are jointly and severally liable for the debts of your e-commerce business unless you opt for an EIRL. In addition, the different forms of IE do not allow you to have partners.

Create a company – SARL, EURL, or SAS – for your e-commerce site

In addition to being able to associate other people with your e-shop, these forms of commercial company protect your personal assets and make you more credible with your customers, suppliers, creditors, and bankers. If you have decided to launch an e-commerce site, you must certainly acquire the appropriate skills, but above all, you must not miss the choice of your legal status.
Be accompanied by reliable advisers to launch your online business!