Know the main characteristics of an entrepreneur

In recent years, words like “Entrepreneur” and “Local consumption” have resonated a lot in the country, little by little more opportunities have opened up to publicize a product or service that is offered, usually carried out by a person or a small group of people.

 It is common that, when it comes to products, these have the characteristic of being made by hand and, when it comes to services, they are quite personalized.

 What is entrepreneurship?

Specifically, the word entrepreneurship means “starting an activity that requires effort”, that is, something that begins, but is not easy to carry out. Hence, when we talk about entrepreneurs, we classify them as brave or tenacious.

 Entrepreneurship, therefore, is the realization of an idea, no matter how small, usually to offer a product or service that is different from what exists in the market.

 Benefits of undertaking

Normally, people decide to start a business when a particular need occurs. Many successful ventures have in common that they were born from the lack of stable employment, that is, it was the response to the few opportunities available.

 • Fight for a dream: entrepreneurship allows you to fight for the goals you have set for yourself. A venture can become the engine for your day-to-day because it is something that you are passionate about.

• Increased earnings. Whether you have decided to undertake it as a sole activity or as an additional project to your current job, this will allow you to increase your earnings and be more stable financially.

• Personal and professional achievement. Sometimes people do not feel fulfilled if they are not doing what they are passionate about, even when they have a good job.

Seven Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Now that we have talked about what being an entrepreneur is and what its main benefits are, we will tell you about the seven main characteristics of entrepreneurs.

• Passion: no idea can be successful if there is no passion in those who want to make it a reality. Passion is, without a doubt, essential when starting a business.

• Vision: that is, go beyond what is now, undertake with a clear idea of ​​how far you want to go, and set new goals as you go forward. People with vision are those who do not conform, who always seek to be one step ahead.

• Assertiveness: this is a social and communicative skill.

• Creativity: creativity in the product or service that an entrepreneur offers is what makes the difference when it comes to competition. It may be that your business is selling handbags, but that its designs are totally different from the rest, that its packaging is ecological and that its manufacture is socially responsible.

• Leadership: to work as a team and convince others to join your project. You could not be a successful entrepreneur if you do not have the ability to lead others.

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