Team Morale: how to improve the morale of the team of your start-up?

Team Morale: how to improve the morale of the team of your start-up. With the new work paradigm imposed by the revolution in digital technologies, management techniques have evolved to adapt more coherently to the needs of employees. Indeed, some studies show that a happy employee is 12% more efficient within his company. Improving team morale is therefore not just a humanistic action, it is also a real lever for increasing productivity.

Life at work is not always a long calm river and, as in any human group, tensions sometimes appear which can limit the growth of the company. With Team Morale, follow the advice of experts in business development.

Improve team morale, what for?

Today’s managerial techniques promote happiness at work and the fulfillment of everyone through the tasks assigned to them. A noble postulate that is sometimes difficult to combine with the realities of business life. Human conflicts, hierarchical oppositions, or even suppressed frustrations can be real obstacles to the evolution of society and limit the well-being of employees.

To guard against this, it is important to regularly survey the morale of the team.

Knowing the morale of your troops is an essential prerequisite

With Team Morale, you also benefit from the use of simple but effective techniques that allow everyone to communicate, even if they are not very comfortable with oral expression. The Niko-Niko calendar is therefore a good way to offer everyone a space to say how they feel every day.

Improve communication, how to do it?

Always be ready to celebrate collective and personal successes, for example during seminars. Recognition is something everyone seeks, don’t underestimate it. Don’t hesitate to hire a coach and train your teams to stay at the cutting edge of innovation, but don’t force them to work long office hours. Better to do fewer hours but do them well. In general, be flexible on the uses and inflexible on the results. Your goals will be clear and the team will show you gratitude!

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