HYPERGROWTH IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.In a world where everything is going faster, very smart is the one who can predict the future of our societies. The economy has been in profound upheaval since the emergence of digital technology, ecological issues are becoming more and more decisive, and historical powers seem to be wavering on their bases. Explanations.

Africa, opportunities, and leaders

This is the case in Senegal, for example, with the rapid development of their infrastructure and banking system. Will the hyper-growth of developing countries finally benefit Africa? In any case, the prospects are much brighter than they have ever been.

India, the superpower of tomorrow?

India is indeed knocking on the doors of the power of this world. Evidenced by the dynamism of the middle class and the many economic areas where the country is at the forefront.

Hyper-growth in developing countries and the example of China

When we talk about hypergrowth in developing countries, we cannot mention the example of China. It is this country that is the source of strong economic support for many African countries. In some, the yuan has even become the official currency, facilitating trade and partnerships.

The development of the new Silk Roads, desired by Xi Jinping, also demonstrates the appetite of what was still less than half a century ago only a sleeping giant.

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