Today, selling your products online is Today, selling your products online has become more and more trendy. For this, you have to choose a popular sales platform like Amazon to be successful in your sale. However, how do you increase the visibility of your products on Amazon to attract more buyers?

Have the right keywords to appear on user queries

To find products online, shoppers rely on Amazon’s algorithm to do their research.

It is therefore preferable for the seller to use SEO techniques for his Amazon referencing in order to have more optimized keywords.

You must also take into account the importance of the title of your product sheet. To have a catchy title, it must not exceed 50 characters and must imperatively contain information on the brand, the type of products, the size, the color, the material, the quantity, or even the usefulness. And to compose a good title for your article, consider placing the most appropriate keywords first. This allows the Amazon algorithm to give great importance to the keywords that are present in your title and helps the customer to more easily decipher what you are offering for sale.

However, it’s best not to overuse keywords in your title.

Offer good value for money and service

Apart from the keywords, the Amazon algorithm also analyzes the price of your product. As a result, the price then plays a very special role in your Amazon SEO. There are some particularities that are necessary to gain visibility on Amazon, namely the delivery time, the percentage of product anomaly, the merchant return rate, the number of returns, the acquisition failure report, the late delivery, cancellation and refund report.

Obtain positive user reviews and comments

User reviews are essential to successfully selling on Amazon. Indeed, it then grants the improvement of your click rate and your evolution rate. Products that have four stars or more frequently rank in the top search results on Amazon. It is therefore very important to regularly check your ratings in order to be able to resolve negative opinions more quickly. Demonstrate the importance you give to your client by showing him that you are free and approachable to resolve an embarrassment.

However, you can encourage your regular buyers and new buyers to leave positive feedback about you.

Advertising is an essential strategy

To sell your products on Amazon, there are several possibilities to advertise and increase your visibility. Most CPC ads allow targeting by keywords and being visible in query results.

Other CPC and keyword score ads are visible above the search suites. As a result, it is then possible to generate traffic to the product pages by positioning yourself above the results.

In short, optimizing and increasing your visibility on Amazon is really important. However, it is also essential to highlight your customers. Therefore, do not hesitate to pay more attention to them in order to receive more clicks and conversions.

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