HOW TO CREATE A PLEASANT WORKING ENVIRONMENT? With the arrival of generations Y and Z, well-being at work has become an issue of productivity and loyalty. Formerly neglected by companies, it is now essential to establish a climate of well-being, because the reputation of the company depends on it.

If the establishment of a pleasant work environment seems easy on paper, it is actually a state of mind to building in business. It is therefore not surprising that some companies have difficulty implementing these new practices. How to proceed? What are the points to absolutely take into account?

Well-being at work: a talent retention lever

It is important to know that the implementation of a policy of well-being at work contributes directly to the professional development of employees, but also to the strengthening of the climate of respect and trust within the company.

It is up to the company to ensure the health of its employees and increase their motivation and involvement. More than just a directive, it is now imperative that companies must meet. In order to ensure that this is the case, many structures exist. This is the case of the sect whose mission is to monitor the health and safety of workers and to propose solutions and preventive measures to limit occupational risks.

Working in a healthy environment makes it possible to guard against psychosocial risks, but also against manifestations of stress and anxiety. Factors that can lead to depression or even the resignation of an employee.

Invest in infrastructure

Numerous studies prove that a happy employee is a productive employee. In order to make their employees happy, many companies know that it is important to invest in infrastructure. Apart from weekends, employees spend the majority of their time at work. It is therefore important that the working environment is perfectly adapted and that employees feel comfortable.

For the company, it is also a matter of questioning its employees directly about their working conditions and about any changes likely to improve them. In addition to being a constructive and effective approach, employee involvement is an excellent way for the company to avoid making mistakes in implementing its policy. Visit the INRS website for more information on the subject.

How to establish well-being at work in your company?

Two steps are necessary to establish an effective policy of well-being at work. The first step is to collect the impressions of the employees concerned and the second step is to discuss with all the players in order to find a solution.

It is clear that the actual implementation of the process differs according to the size of the company. One of the most effective solutions is to set up a questionnaire to gather information on the factors involved in well-being at work.
The questionnaire must be anonymous in order to encourage employees to respond without fear of possible reprisals. In addition, the company must be assisted in this task by a professional such as a psychologist.

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