HOW TO CREATE A COMPANY IN SWITZERLAND? Do you want to set up a business in Switzerland? Are you hesitating between a limited liability company or a public limited company? Discover the solutions put forward by experts to support you in your administrative and accounting procedures.

Simply set up a business in Switzerland

When you want to set up a business in Switzerland, it is important to respect the entire process so that the whole process runs smoothly. To move forward with your project with complete peace of mind, you can use the services of a fiduciary like Karpeo. The accounting firm Karpeo provides many advice to business leaders for the administrative management of their company. The proposed solutions make it possible to free them from accounting tasks which are particularly time-consuming. For the creation of a company in Switzerland, Karpeo has set up a flat rate of 490 CHF which includes notary fees, both for a SARL and for an SA.

A fiduciary firm offers the assurance of being accompanied all year round by experts who deliver a personalized service. Every business has specific needs. Your chartered accountant will advise you in choosing the legal structure that will best suit your business profile. It also supports you in your relations with banks, in particular for the opening of a consignment account. Finally, it is an opportunity to benefit from support when subscribing to social insurance.

The limited liability company: SARL

It consists of one natural or legal person, or even more. Creating a SARL involves holding a constituent meeting before a notary. Registration in the Commercial Register is required. To create an LLC, the deposit of a capital of CHF 20,000 is mandatory.

The public limited company: SA

The public limited company is also composed of at least one natural or legal person. To create it, it is necessary to have a capital of 100,000 CHF. The SA is taxed on shareholders’ profits and dividends. To create an SA, it is necessary to organize a constituent assembly in the presence of a notary with an entry in the Commercial Register. When signing with the notary, it will be necessary to appoint the Board of Directors and the auditors.

The interest of creating a company in Switzerland

Setting up a company in Switzerland has several undeniable advantages. First of all, entrepreneurs benefit from advantageous taxation. Depending on the geographic location, income tax is capped at between 11.9 and 17%. In addition, Switzerland has implemented agreements with around a hundred countries to avoid double taxation.

It is known that salaries in Switzerland are higher than in other European countries. The cost of labor is reduced, as social charges are among the lowest in the world. Indeed, it takes about 12.5% ​​of social charges for employees and 12.5% ​​for employers.

The Swiss administration is known to be simpler than that of its European counterparts. The country has implemented the dematerialization of procedures. It is therefore possible to carry them out online wherever you are. Fiduciary firms are established locally to support professionals in their administrative tasks so that they can refocus on the essential: their business.

Creating a business in Switzerland allows you to take advantage of advantageous taxation to grow your business. The creative process requires personalized support in order to make the right choices and take advantage of the appropriate systems for your company. Entrusting your administrative and accounting management to a fiduciary partner is the assurance of having peace of mind and being able to concentrate on the development of your business.

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