HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR PEOPLE’S PORTAGE COMPANY? If you are an asset looking for a formula that combines both the freedom of entrepreneurship and the protection of employees, wage portage is now the long-term solution you need. The companies in the field all offer their own system which allows you to benefit from the same advantages as the traditional employee while being independent. For the choice of your portage company, discover in this short guide the criteria to be taken into account.

Management fees

These are fees that the portage company deducts from the fees collected well before paying you your salary. This is used to cover administrative management, accounting, training, access to premises, legal assistance and salary advances. So, you must choose the company offering the rate that suits you the most.

In this sense, you can inquire on the sites of the companies or contact their consulting teams to have a personalized opinion on the rates applicable to your profile. At this level, you must be rational. Fees that are too low may well mean a lower quality of service and incomplete support.

The income simulation

This is an estimation tool, very often available on the internet platforms of portage companies. This allows you to find out precisely your salary based on your average daily rate (ADR), the rate of management fees applied by the structure as well as the percentage of social charges calculated on your turnover.

After this step, you must finish by calculating your mission and operating costs. These are expenses relating to your mission (meals, travel, equipment, etc.) and your activity (communication, prospecting, etc.). You can perform the operation on the month and divide the amount obtained by the number of working days to find the exact sum of your expenses per day.

The company’s network of consultants

If you did not know this, note now that by choosing a wage portage institution, it is above all a community of independent workers that you are joining and this will play a decisive role in your professional future. For this, well before you start with a company, it is important to make sure that the network of this one is really dynamic and useful to your activity.

Start in wage portage: the prerequisites

Certain conditions must be met to use wage portage. They mainly concern the age and the ideal profile to get started. To this end, the sector and the services provided to self-employed workers are all subject to the same Labor Code which governs the professional activity of French employees. Thus, according to what the legislation authorizes, it is possible to become an employee increased to 16 years, because it is the age indicated to enter the world of employment.

The same experience would be a great asset for him. In reality, wage portage seems accessible to all, but all employees who register must be able to offer an intellectual service or excellent quality services to their customers.

Statutes accepted in wage portage

When it was created, wage portage was mainly intended for interim managers and executives at the end of their careers.

Indeed, in terms of relevance, wage portage is not at the same level for all professions. In the context of professional life, certain statuses are much more sought after than others. These are mainly:
self-employed or freelancers.
Before choosing your wage portage company, it is recommended to first make a personalized assessment.

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