How to Choose the Best CCTV System in Singapore?

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How to Choose the Best CCTV System in Singapore?

CCTV is one of the great inventions in the modern world that ensure the safety of whom and what we love. Installing a cctv system has immensely influenced the prevention of crime and theft. CCTV systems have now become an essential component of any security system. At present, people rely on CCTV to a great extent. Even though you do not need much time or expertise to set up a CCTV camera system, there are a few things you must keep in mind when choosing a CCTV system for your home or workspace. If you are in Singapore and looking for the best CCTV contractor in Singapore, keep reading till the end. Read on for expert tips on selecting the right CCTV system in Singapore. 

CCTV Systems with New HD or IP Technology

Buying CCTC systems with analogue technology is not recommended. There are several drawbacks to using cctv systems with analogue technology. CCTV systems such as 960H or 700TVL with analogue technology take video recordings with lower resolution. In addition, you can connect only a limited number of cameras to analogue cctv models. On the contrary, cctv systems with HD or IP technology offer high-resolution videos and support more advanced features. Hence, always go for a cctv system with HD or IP technology.

CCTV Systems that Suit the Place of Installation

The type of the cctv system and its camera differ depending on the location you install it. Even though you can use a cctv with outdoor cameras for interior installation, you cannot install cctv systems with indoor cameras outside. In contrast to indoor cameras, outdoor cameras can withstand different outside environmental conditions, such as weather, rain, and heat. For instance, check the IK rating of the cctv system, which indicates its ability to resist external physical damage. In addition, the IP rating signifies the protection offered by its camera against water, dust, and grit. However, IP67 is considered the ideal rating for outdoor cctv cameras. You can decide the IP and IK rating depending on the exact location you install the cctv system.

Camera Features and CCTV Recorder Features

Always choose a camera lens to capture the spectrum you intend to cover. You should provide adequate lighting for the areas for proper night vision. Purchasing a better camera lens will always give you high-quality pictures. In addition, consider the recording features such as storage, duration, accessibility, and other supported technologies as you purchase your new cctv system. In addition to the above features, ensure that your cctv camera contractor in Singapore is ready to provide you with online or physical support in case of a technical failure.

Where to Buy the Best CCTV System in Singapore?

Even though there are many places where you can buy CCTV systems in Singapore, you may have questions about their reliability. However, Keydence CCTV contractors have gained recognition with over 25 years of experience as reliable security service providers in Singapore. Keydence CCTV camera contractors in Singapore strive to provide maximum customer satisfaction with their finest products and service. Click here to explore the wide range of CCTV camera systems available.

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