HOW DO RECRUIT ITS PROFILES? The IT professions have experienced a real boom in recent years. With the generalization of the Internet and the digital transformation, countless new professions have emerged. The question is: how to succeed in IT recruitment?

Where can I find experienced IT profiles?

This is a challenge that companies operating in a fast-evolving IT sector are constantly facing. With the digital transformation, the war for talent is raging. According to a study conducted on the subject, 6 out of 10 service managers encounter enormous difficulty in recruiting IT professionals. It seems like everyone is going after the rare bird.

A dedicated firm knows the difficulty of recruitment in this field and decides to help companies achieve it.

It is not uncommon for the HR manager to spend several words posting job offers and receiving candidates without finding the ideal profile. By using the services of a dedicated firm, you will be freed from a great burden, knowing that some organizations carry out talent training themselves.

The most coveted IT profiles

These include the case of the IT manager, the network architect, the application developer, the IT security manager, the software developer, etc.

Most often, companies do not hesitate to invest a small fortune in the hiring of an IT project management manager or in a profile with the capacity for business and functional analysis.

How do recruit its best elements and keep them?

To recruit talent, it is important to first understand the expectations of the latter. Most often, the technical stack is their first motivation.

An IT person is more interested in the project-related aspects rather than the money. What role will he play in the projects? IT profiles have the particularity of setting a goal of achieving exploits.

Computer scientists are most often geeks who like to stay at home to work.

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