How Do I Know What Size Water Pump I Need for My House?

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Buying a pump for your house is not as easy as it sounds. You cannot just walk into a shop and buy a pump based on its looks. On the other hand, you do not need to be a plumber to decide the size of the water pump you need for your house. You only need to know the basic information regarding the pump required for your household. This article brings you some of the basic factors you need to know about the water pump when deciding its size. Knowing this will make your job easy when you go to a water pump dealer in Singapore next time.

A water pump is an electromechanical equipment that controls the pressure of water moving from one point to the other. There are two principal aspects you need to focus on when deciding the size of the household plump model. They are the pump flow rate and the pressure required at the flow.

The Flow Rate of the Pump

Flow rate refers to the amount of water that is being delivered to the taps of outlets through the pump within a given time. You need to know the number of taps that are running at the same time when determining the flow rate. Moreover, the flow rate also differs from one tap to the other. For instance, the flow rate of the shower taps, which is 10L per minute, differs from the flow rate of the toilet tap, which is 5L per minute.

Water pump suppliers in Singapore can help you select a suitable water pump if you provide them with the above information. For instance, if you live in a small house where you only use a few taps simultaneously with a kitchen tap with a 15 LPM flow rate and a shower tap with a 10 LPM flow rate, you will need a household pump with an optimal flow rate of 25 LPM.

On the other hand, a pump of around 35LPM flow rate will suit a house with a kitchen tap, toilet tap, and shower tap with flow rates of 6LPM, 15LPM, and 10LPM respectively. However, the flow rate of a pump increases corresponding to the number of taps that will be working in a particular house. For instance, a large house with several bathrooms and outside watering might need a pump rate with a higher flow rate of 70LPM to 90LPM or upwards.

Pressure Requirements of the Pump

The pressure released by the pump is necessary to determine the size of your household water pump. Even though your water pump dealer in Singapore will help you decide the pressure requirements of the water pump, you need to know the suitable pressure your pump should provide when discharging water. For instance, a pressure of 300kpa would suit a single-storey house. However, this would rise to 500kpa or more in case there are long pipes to deliver the water to the tap from the tank.

Where to Find the Right Household Water Pump in Singapore?

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