These young startups that are getting into cryptocurrency

In 2022, cryptocurrency seems to be everywhere, in the media, on the internet, and on social networks. It is difficult to miss this new form of fully digitized currency, whose rapid growth (since its appearance in 2009) is attracting more and more investors. There are now more than 7000 different crypto-currencies and the size of the cyber currency market exceeds 1000 billion US dollars, enough to attract and inspire a multitude of entrepreneurs!

Well-known brands around the world, such as Starbucks, Tesla, and Sephora are now accepting payments in cryptocurrency from their customers. Such democratization obviously opens the way to the creation of new ultra-innovative companies.

In the United States, crypto start-ups are seducing investors

On the front line, BitPanda, and BlockFi. Two other giants of this industry in North America: are Bakkt and Coinbase has also impressed the crypto world with its lightning-fast growth, and Ripple with its jaw-dropping valuation. President Joe Biden is even considering integrating crypto into the US tax filing system.

French start-ups taking on cryptocurrency

Ledger offers to design and market physical crypto wallets, for individuals and businesses. On the other hand, some start-ups like Cryptonovae, cryptocurrency trading software, have even chosen to leave aside the traditional investment market by using digital capital. Thus, in April 2021, this young company raised $1.9 million in the form of cryptocurrency, bringing together hundreds of private contributors and 25 strategic investors in the crypto/blockchain sector. Clearly, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is not done reinventing the financial sector.

An unprecedented development

Financial predictions agree to give cryptocurrency many more fruitful years ahead of it. Fortunately, you don’t need to be at the head of a start-up to get into cryptocurrency.

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