Boost your SEO with Google My Business

The Google search engine is a very important vector of communication for businesses. Having a Google My Business business listing allows commercial establishments (shops, hotels, restaurants) to show their online presence. We are going to decipher two major strategies to develop your Google My Business pages and therefore boost your SEO.

Improve the credibility of your Google listing

When you create your Google My Business listing, don’t forget to fill in as much information as possible, such as a phone number for reservations and customer service (this reassures users) but also opening hours. (updated according to festivals and public holidays…this prevents a potential customer from going to your store and finding the door closed).

Have good reviews on your page

The other essential lever in order to properly optimize your Google My Business listing and for it to be displayed in the first results is that your listing must have many positive reviews and an overall score closest to the maximum score (five out of five ).

your listing already has reviews, that’s a good thing!

they are regular customers, they will understand and will not hesitate to help you.

If you have negative feedback, which sometimes can come from the competition to break all its competitors, do not hesitate to opt for a stronger way, you can simply buy Google reviews to allow you to balance the reviews and therefore your overall score.

These techniques are quick ways to acquire new customers without too much effort or budget.