Benefits of Installing Boltless Shelving in Singapore

bomb shelter shelving

If you manage a warehouse or a company that needs a lot of storage space, choosing and installing the appropriate shelving system is crucial. However, it’s easier said than done to select the ideal shelf system. Manufacturers and sellers of racks today provide a wide range of options that may overwhelm you. Therefore, it’s vital to understand which shelving option warehouse owners prefer. Boltless shelving or bomb shelter shelving systems are making news right now because they offer a ton of advantages for stockrooms, storage facilities, and warehouses.

What Is Boltless Shelving?

Boltless shelves are just that—boltless—unlike other shelving systems! There are no bolts, nuts, or screws holding them together. Instead, they contain snap-in rivets that allow you to build shelves of any size that you need. This distinguishes this shelving arrangement from conventional racks and shelves. There are two varieties of boltless shelving: normal and long-span.

  • Normal Boltless Shelving: It is made of particle board, wood, or aluminium decking. These lightweight, straightforward shelving systems are perfect for storing low- to medium-weight goods because of their simplicity.
  • Long-Span Boltless Shelving: heavy-duty boltless shelving systems are referred to as long-span shelving because they can support heavier objects that are wider (up to 96 inches).

7 Benefits of Boltless Shelving

1. Simple to Install

How many tools do you employ when installing more shelving? You utilise every tool in your arsenal, we wager. On the other hand, a rubber mallet or hammer with boltless shelves will do the trick. Put together the components, bang them into position with your rubber mallet, and you’re done! In time, the full apartment is built. Less pieces mean simpler assembly and cheaper delivery.

2. Has Easy Access

The large amount of room it offers on all sides is one of the main benefits of boltless shelving. The increased accessibility makes it easier to find things without wasting time hunting for them. Additionally, it makes cleaning simpler, enhancing efficiency and safety.

3. Tough and Secure

Galvanised steel used to construct boltless shelves, giving them long-lasting durability. Rust and corrosion-related problems are not a concern. Your boltless shelf offers a secure place for storing your goods. Additionally, it lessens the possibility of mishaps when your team is navigating the warehouse and obtaining things.

4. Easy to Customise

Because it’s simple and practical, customising boltless shelves can be done fast. Boltless shelves are available in a range of sizes and arrangements. The units are simple to adapt to the space you have in your warehouse. As an added benefit, these shelves are great for storing heavy, fragile, and oddly shaped things.

5. Optimise Space

The space in the warehouse can be maximised by connecting boltless shelving and setting it up with little space between units. Your shelf system should enable you to make efficient use of the space, regardless of how big or small your warehouse is. And the best option for maximising your space and efficiently storing the greatest number of products is boltless shelving.

6. Versatile

Boltless shelving, a flexible alternative for shelving since it may be configured in infinite ways. The user can access the shelves from any direction because there are no sway braces or panels, making every available square inch functional.

7. Budget Friendly

Looking for a storage option that is affordable? Boltless shelving, according to experts, is the greatest option. These shelving solutions are significantly less expensive than alternative systems. Additionally, when you take into account their longevity, they are undoubtedly a fantastic one-time investment that offers fantastic ROI.

To Sum Up

Boltless racking systems, as it’s name implies, don’t need bolts or nuts to be installed, making it simple to alter the shelf height vertically to meet your storage demands. Electronics, clothing, and other lightweight industrial items are all well-suited for storage with this approach. Interested in benefiting from top-quality bomb shelter shelving or boltless shelving in Singapore? Visit Aracking & Shelving Solutions today!


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