BECOME A WEB DEVELOPER IN 10 WEEKS WITH THE CAPSULE. The shortage of web developers is very real. According to the 2022 CodeInGames survey, 60% of recruiters have significant web development needs. While the latter have been increasing considerably for several years, the proportion of developers graduating from computer science school is not following the same trend.

This is where coding bootcamps come in, intensive training courses of 9 to 10 weeks to become a web developer. They are an alternative to traditional university education for those who want to enter the tech sector but do not have the time to follow a traditional degree program. The alumni of these short courses have proven themselves in companies and the latter are more and more ready to hire junior developers from these courses. And for good reason! Indeed, the first years of university courses are very general in order to give students time to choose their specialization. But when you already know that you want to become a web developer, it is possible to learn the trade in a very short time thanks to a suitable method and supervision.

The Capsule, the new way to get started in web development

Among these coding bootcamps, La Capsule.

Created in 2017, the coding bootcamp records a 95% insertion rate for its alumni. To achieve this, the organization has implemented a specific method, Project-Based Learning or learning by doing. Throughout the 10 weeks of training, students learn concepts in computer programming that they master directly through application projects or challenges. A pedagogy that has proven to be effective, as evidenced by the figures in the reintegration report of its web development program.

After having proven itself in web development, the organization is now embarking on a new profession: that of DevOps, a new position at the heart of business needs since 64% of recruiters are looking for these skills for their tech team.