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ASSOCIATION: HOW TO FINANCE NEW EQUIPMENT? Associations are generally not particularly wealthy. Therefore, when you embark on an associative project, it is always important to look into the financing aspect before embarking on the adventure. We have therefore reviewed the sources of funding that will allow you to ensure the sustainability of your association. Focus!

Raffles: a preferred method of financing for your association

Organizing a raffle is, in more ways than one, one of the most interesting ways to find cash to finance the activities of your association. As a reminder, a raffle is a game of chance at the end of which only a handful of participants can win prizes from the crowd that has registered. First off, it’s a fun activity. Then, the sale of raffle tickets can also be the way to carry out a major awareness campaign on the causes that your association defends. Organizing a raffle could therefore be a godsend.

In this sense, it is recommended to multiply small batches and to entice the public with ONE main batch on which all minds will be riveted. It is then up to you to motivate your salespeople as much as possible. Offer them bonuses that they will appreciate to motivate them to sell more. For example, you can offer them a certain percentage on their sales.


The association can also participate, itself, in the financing of its activities through its members and members. The first possibility is the payment of entry or membership fees for new members. It goes without saying that this sum can only be collected once; on first registration.

That said, there is another payment that you can claim on a regular basis from your members in this same self-financing process, it is the membership fee. Membership fees mainly reflect the involvement and commitment of members in the activities of the group that they all form together.

Obtaining subsidies and sponsorship to finance your equipment

All regularly declared and registered associations can benefit from subsidies provided they support a work of general interest. This grant can be requested from the municipality, department, region, state and even from Europe. That said, it is equally important to know that the grant does not have to be monetary. In fact, it can also be a material donation or support offered for the smooth running of your activities.

The law leaves the latitude to the public funder to grant or not a subsidy without having to present the slightest explanation. However, in the event that a subsidy is granted to your association, you are obliged to produce a report and an activity report to the organization which granted you this subsidy.

The use of donations

Donations, in all their forms, are another very interesting source of financing that companies can use. In fact, they will not necessarily be monetary in nature. This can be a donation of furniture, crockery or even free services. The association can also launch an appeal for donations.

In exchange, and in a purely symbolic way, the associations generally offer key rings, t-shirts or even caps. We then speak of crowdfunding and it is also very important to note that in the event that the defined sum is not collected on time, each donor simply recovers what he has given.

Thanks to the specialized platforms that exist today, you therefore gain funding, but not only. In fact, the project or cause you are defending will gain enormously in visibility and credibility.

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