ARCANE DIRECT, INNOVATIVE DESIGNER AND MANUFACTURER OF CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS FOR PROFESSIONALS. The diversification and specialization of industrial skills are one of the drivers of innovation. It is indeed thanks to this ever more precise division of labor that we can all strive towards ambitious objectives, knowing in particular that we may be able to rely on third-party skills at a supplier. With Arcane Direct, an innovative designer and manufacturer of chemical solutions for professionals, many industries can prosper. Presentation.

Chemical solutions for professionals

Very often, it is the professional sectors most invisible to the eyes of the general public that are the most strategic. And the provision of chemical solutions for professionals is certainly one of them. Indeed, almost all areas of activity need products of all kinds to degrease, clean, dilute, maintain, and perform many other tasks.

This is particularly the case in the aeronautics sector where the slightest error is prohibited. The transport sector, with maintenance by the SNCF or preparation before painting in the automobile, is also one of the largest consumers, and the most demanding, in terms of chemical solutions. But we could also mention tire manufacturing, metallurgy, watchmaking, jewelry, and many other sectors! Arcane Direct is therefore one of the essential interlocutors of all kinds of experts in their field.

Arcane Direct, designer and manufacturer for all needs

To satisfy such diverse customers with precision, the Arcane Direct brand has constantly expanded its catalog over its many years of existence. We will thus find industrial degreasers, pre-paint treatments, solvents, thinners, and strippers, but also all kinds of varnishes, detergents, and maintenance products for textiles in its proposals.

But the sign did not stop there. To further improve the quality of its service, it has also developed a research and development unit whose objective is to provide chemical solutions for professionals that are specifically designed and on request.

From the design of chemical solutions to customer support

To achieve this tour de force of designing and manufacturing products adapted to the specific needs of customers, Arcane Direct relies on two dedicated laboratories, a constantly expanding library of molecules, products recognized for their effectiveness, and even partnerships with schools and faculties. Suffice it to say that with them, you will always be sure to get what you want!

And to go even further, Arcane Direct also seeks to improve the quality of its relational tools. This is how on their new site, you will have direct access to resources and deadlines dedicated only to professionals. Whether you have a problem with chemical retention or you urgently need a safe solvent, Arcane Direct, an innovative designer and manufacturer of chemical solutions, is there for you!