Action Refund Review: what is an Action Refund?

You have been scammed by a fraudulent broker. What are you going to do? In this Action Refund review, we’ll explain it all.

Research by ‘Scamwatch’, with the help of the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission), suggests that so far in 2020 around 195,848 reports of all types of scams have been submitted, with a loss of approximately $150,838,567 – crazy!

A genuine company called “Action Refund” had the ambition to help victims internationally to recover their stolen capital from various forex market scammers. Their team consists of knowledgeable service agents who have helped dozens of users and scam victims around the world. Additionally, Action Refund offers a free consultation over the phone with a professional case analyst. We strongly suggest that you contact Action Refund as soon as possible.

When you are in the middle of the process of filing a claim with a complicated case, it is very good to have professional assistance on your side. If you’re curious about what the company’s collection service is all about, below is an interview with a fraud victim to find out what Action Refund did with their case:

Can you tell us how it all started? (Action Refund Review)

At the end of 2019, I came across an ad in my inbox touting that Bill Gates has made a side fortune from Forex trading, so I thought to myself “well heck, I’ll give it a shot” and left some of my contact information on that company’s website.

They assigned me an account manager named “Gary Silverson”. He was polite and seemed like an expert, promising the world and more with future profits. He assured me that with his guidance, my trading account could be multiplied by 10 in no time. I thought that was probably an overstatement, however, if the forex market is open to everyone, it’s very possible to increase my income and triple my investments, at least that’s what I thought. sold. I wanted to deposit around $750 to open an account so I followed his instructions.

Gary gave me a very brief explanation of the app they use, leaving out crucial details and saying, “Believe me, you don’t need this information, we need more repositories.” You could say that I was very naive.

That seems good to me…

At the time, I was making decent profits instantly. We had a few trading sessions together for two months. Over time, he began to take control of the transactions on my account and I followed his lead, not asking anything because I knew he wouldn’t respond properly.

A few days later, the agent contacted me via WhatsApp about a new opportunity that is coming up due to the US election announcement. Gary offered me a zero-risk plan so we could increase my profits. I confirmed it, and we actually earned a little more profit.

At the time, my account showed a profit of $5,129 from my initial deposit. I wanted to request a withdrawal of $1,000 and it was returned to me with no problem. remember I was quite amazed. I thought to myself, “How could I not find this forex trading company before? “. A month passed, and I reconsidered depositing another $15,000. Then I got promoted to what the company calls “platinum membership.”

I see…so you continued to trade?

I discussed with him before the fact that I had free time to give. However, Gary insisted and kept telling me, “Every trader has to go all out to get more money”, which I can’t believe. Yet, I took his advice once again, committing myself more and more to this cause.

Up to a point, I felt enough was enough and slowed down to focus on other things. I felt like I had to trade non-stop, even after my office hours. The status of the trading account held casually between $26,000 and $31,000. After a few weeks, I insisted on withdrawing $15,500.

On several occasions, he was extremely vocal and unpleasant saying that I was acting like a baby and did not understand the real concept of online trading. He mentioned that his position was under review and that my trading account was a kind of test that allowed him to keep his position as a broker in his company.

Did you honestly believe in his trading strategies?

I can hardly tell. It was as if he was pushing me to do what he wanted. And I really thought it was in favor of my commercial success.

However, I intended to withdraw all my profits when I decided to stop trading. But he was constantly evaluating me, due to the uncertainty that reigned.

From there, everything escalated quickly. I had nothing to say because I thought he was joking. But then I went through the criteria for the “Bonus Agreements” of the company Gary represented, which did not provide for this option at all.

Also, I read a sentence on the company’s official website that stated that traders could withdraw if they were about to trade close to double the desirable withdrawal request, but that number changed “as by magic “.

We had a very unpleasant conversation on the phone, and Gary’s attitude towards me became very negative. Also, I kept asking him to stop trading and withdraw my deposits or I would write a very angry letter to the company and to Gary as well. I asked to speak to Gary’s supervisors, but he constantly avoided speaking to me and also ignored my emails.

I withdrew my withdrawal requests several times after our dialogues because I felt really sad for him while ignoring almost all the red flags I came across. Gary thought that was not a good idea, pushing me to keep trading as he had seen former traders leave right after their real breakthrough.

“We should trade until we hit $50,000 and then withdraw whatever you want. So, I foolishly accepted

Tell us about the Action Refund strategy

Well, they said I stored a decent sum of the bad records with the scam company and I had all the communication with Gary plus the bonus ads I was getting – I’m potentially a reasonable user to submit a retro-billing.

The Action Refund representative explained to me that it was a reversal of the transaction made with the credit cards concerned. However, since I gave my consent electronically for each transfer sent to the scammer and copied the personal banking information, the bank will make a big deal out of it because it’s not like a thief bought an iPhone with it.

Unfortunately, I confirmed these transfers on my own. My bank demanded to be 100% accurate about what happened, in order to process my complaint. The bank’s customer satisfaction department kept raising difficult questions, and I received the appropriate response letters as a result.

What was the final resolution?

After about 3 months, I safely received the funds ($12,000) that I had deposited in the fake trading account. The money was returned to my bank account, and I paid a small commission to Action Refund after they resolved my case and sent my endless gratitude.

I highly recommend Action Refund to anyone who thinks they are a victim of financial abuse. I hope this article can help people around the world.

Action Refund review: Think you’ve been scammed?

Action Refund is here to save you!

Thank you for reading our Action Refund review so far, it means a lot to us.

We believe Action Refund could provide you with the right tools and help you get a proper refund – from faulty brokerage firms like “LegacyFX” or “TitanTrade”. And, of course, reimbursement from regulated companies such as “UFX”, “Excentral”, and many others.

Either way, feel free to give Action Refund a call or check out their official website: We sincerely hope that this direct Action Refund review answers some of your questions.

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