6 Things to Know About Rejuran Injection

rejuran injection

The Rejuran injection is an aesthetic treatment produced by Korean-based pharmaceutical company, Pharma Research. It was released in 2014 and since then has become a common offering among cosmetic centres worldwide. 

Skin elasticity reduces due to aging and other external factors. As the collagen supply diminishes, the skin looks thinner and becomes more vulnerable to bruises or marks. Wrinkles and unwanted lines start to appear. The skin begins to lose its youthful glow. 

The Rejuran Healer offers a solution with its rejuvenating and healing properties. But before you inquire about Rejuran prices in Singapore, here’s a quick rundown of things you need to know about Rejuran injection.

  1. Rejuran comes from salmon-based DNA. Rejuran consists of polynucleotides (PN) extracted from salmon DNA. Salmon DNA molecules mimic DNA make-up in human skin. Because of this, they’re compatible with and are safe for the human body. They don’t cause allergic reactions. But what makes them even more valuable are their effects on the human skin. PN can correct skin damage and boost skin elasticity. It stimulates skin regeneration, revealing a more radiant appearance. 
  1. Rejuran is known for its healing abilities. Rejuran injection helps with skin rejuvenation, which makes it a great addition to other skin treatments. It aids in reducing the appearance of ace snars, increasing skin hydration, reducing fine lines, repairing skin imperfections, and regulating oil on the skin. It also minimizes pores and reduces dead skin cells. In general, it enhances the skin tone and texture.
  1. Rejuran works wonders in many ways. Rejuran boasts an anti-inflammatory effect, making it safe to use on human skin. It helps restore skin tissue and expedite cell regeneration. The injection acts as a growth stimulator. It enhances skin thickness and makes it more supple and younger looking. It’s different from other treatments as it doesn’t alter your facial features. Instead, it addresses skin damage and improves its condition.
  1. Rejuran can be injected in several areas. Rejuran can be used for various areas. This includes the thin skin around the eyes, the neck, the back of the hand, and even the decollete or the neckline area. The treatment can target acne scars, skin discoloration, enlarged pores, dull skin, and fine lines.
  1. The process can take about 2 hours. The first step is cleaning the face or the treatment area. Then, a numbing cream is applied and left for about 45 minutes. Afterward, the cream is removed for the procedure. A very small needle is used to inject Rejuran into the skin. This can take about 20-40 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. Next, the area is cooled using LED light to speed up recovery. Overall, the process can take around 2 hours to complete. 
  1. Rejuran may be ideal if you’re after natural-looking results. Rejuran may be suitable if you’re looking for an alternative skin treatment that gives you natural-looking results. Anyone in their 30s and above with skin concerns may benefit from it. You may also explore it if you’re hesitant to try laser treatments that may be costlier than the Rejuran price in Singapore.

If you’ve tried tons of skincare products but still don’t see the improvements you’re hoping for, consider aesthetic treatments like the Rejuran injection. Medical and aesthetic centres offer this option because of its positive results. It’s minimally invasive, so it’s perfect if you want a gentle, yet very effective skincare solution. 

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