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5 types of health insurance that can benefit


Delve into the importance of having health insurance, it is over. History has shown us that being unprepared for a clinical calamity can be extremely dangerous. Health insurance is an essential part of personal and family budgets, especially when you are over 30 years old and you realize that life is not so rosy and that there are difficult times when you need an ally who makes multiple medical options in case of need, accompanied by the speed of care and efficient delivery of diagnoses.

The coverage’s extensive and is aligned according to the needs and the ability to pay. There are from the most basic that can only cover medical consultations or others with hospital coverage with a few other zeros. However, no matter how many benefits you have, no traditional health insurance will really cover 100% (with exceptions).

Reaching the deductible amount, which is defined prior to signing the contract, is a bit complicated, so requesting proportional reimbursement can be a major headache. This exercise makes us think that health insurance is not complete and, yes, indeed, it is not.

Who can hire you?

It depends on the specific offer of the providers. There are companies that admit contracts in a personal capacity, that is, natural persons. While others condition the contracting to a company. So that it is the latter who acquires a policy for its collaborators. Regarding the prices, it will depend on the age of the interested party and the pre-existence of some illnesses.

One of the interesting things about this type of service is that when contracting them, not only does the policyholder directly benefit. But also the family group that is included in the contract and thus enjoys the same benefits. Complimentary insurance is very useful for those who think of an organized, stable, and surprise-free future. They help keep you healthy (due to the permanent check-ups you can have) and protect your family finances. The philosophy of most companies that provide these insurances is to take care of your health, your finances, and your future.

Before contracting these insurances, it is important that you take into account the coverage exceptions as well as the form of reimbursements that each company handles. For example, supplementary insurance – for the most part – does not cover pre-existing diseases, as well as pathologies caused by epidemics and pandemics. It is also exempt from coverage, fertility treatments, or drug addiction rehabilitation programs, among others. And because of this, the information that you can provide, previously, has to be correct.

The coverage can be diverse and varies according to the parameters of information that we provide and the plans that each company provides. Although the scope of services is more standard and covers, in most cases, hospital and outpatient care. Also compensation for maternity expenses, and even for dental services.

Here are the 5 types of complementary health insurance that can benefit your life:


The coverage may include certain days in the hospital, and services in the health institution. As well as fees for treating physicians or surgical professionals. Depending on the plan, it could include private professional nursing services during hospitalization. It also usually includes home hospitalization.


Outpatient consists of additional coverage to cover medications, consultations, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures as well as X-rays, and outpatient surgery. There are options that include psychiatric or psychological care, as long as there is a prescription.


During pregnancy, complementary insurance extends the coverage of the health insurance to have broader coverage. Whether in a normal delivery, cesarean section, and also in the unfortunate case of a miscarriage. Coverage includes newborn care benefits as well as some complications or illnesses diagnosed during pregnancy. There are insurance companies that consider the breastfeeding period as part of the coverage.


We all know that almost no health insurance includes this specialty and, therefore, complementary insurance is even more worthwhile. The coverage in this type of policy considers even emergency dental surgeries in the event of an accident.


Although the outpatient clinic considers medical appointments, it does not necessarily integrate all the diagnostic requirements of a consultation.

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