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3 reasons to install a chatbot for your business site


3 reasons to install a chatbot for your business site. The chatbot is the technology to be installed on your website in 2022. Today, we know from a reliable source that to sell you have to focus on the user experience. Installing a chatbot is equivalent to setting up an automatic system that will dialogue with the Internet user in order to inform him. To do this, you have to create a map in which you will write down all the questions you might have. We then note the responses and create a link between the interactions so that the dialogue is fluid. Find out how installing a chatbot for your business site can help you.

Improving the user experience thanks to the chatbot

Let’s put ourselves in the place of the Internet user. We are looking for a website to find an answer to one of our needs. For example, I might be looking for new shoes. Considering this request, I will land on a website posing as an e-shop selling shoes.

I browse this website and I see several models that catch my attention. I don’t really need new shoes, it’s just a compulsive desire. So I need to find the information I want quickly.

I end up setting my sights on a pair of shoes, but the product sheet does not bring me satisfaction. Unfortunately, the only way to get more information is to contact customer service. It’s late, this one is currently closed. I then left the website and the next day, the desire passed.

This may seem like a rather pejorative view of the user journey, yet it happens frequently. It’s a shame to miss a sale under these conditions. Of course, the more comprehensive the product sheet, the better. Only sometimes, the Internet user does not want to search for a long time to get an answer. He wants it to come to him, in a more natural way.

If you want to avoid this situation, I advise you to install a chatbot. Here is what the user journey could look like this time: I select the model of my choice, but I have a few questions about the choice of my size, the terms of exchange, and the ethics of the brand. I see that there is a chatbot, I ask my questions on it and receive all the answers to my questions in a few seconds. Satisfied, I close the conversation and proceed to purchase. It’s a nicer situation, isn’t it?

Convert your prospects into customers with the chatbot

As we have seen, installing a chatbot for a business site can be a real ally for selling. In addition to informing your visitors, used wisely, it can trigger a sale in many ways.

The trick lies in the answers that the robot will offer. They must be short enough so that the Internet user does not get lost in the explanation. On the other hand, you can build them intelligently. For example, do not hesitate to make him discover other complementary products that you sell.

Get to know your target better thanks to the chatbot

As Internet users use the chatbot, you will be able to collect responses. It is very important to analyze them carefully.

Indeed, the latter will allow you both to focus on your areas of improvement at the level of the website, but also on your target. The more you will understand her, and be attentive to her needs, the more you will be able to sell her your products.

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